Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Nuts & Bolts Of Hand Jobs

Pleasuring your man manually — whether it's a prelude to intercourse or an erotic act in itself — is a good skill to have in your bag of tricks. It's not as intimate as its kissin' cousin -- the blow job -- but a good hand job can "take you there," in the words of the Staples Singers.

There's something thrilling about doing the "reach around" or the "reach under" to caress your man's genitals, but do you ever wonder if you're doing it right? Or maybe you can be doing it better. Most likely you know what you're doing instinctively, but just in case you're into having a little refresher course, an article  about  how to make a hand job easier that was posted recently on shows off a new technique that may have your man crying out for mercy.

Try to remember that your attitude is more important than your technique, so don't get all hung up on whether or not you're doing it right  and just have fun. The fact that you want to please your man enough to want to try something new is going to be a huge turn on that reaps huge rewards.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dumped After A Month. Now What?

You just started dating someone regularly enough to tell your friends that you're "seeing someone" when you get the text message telling you it's over. Seriously? You can't understand what went wrong. You were having a great time just hanging out together and  the newness of the relationship has brought about some hot times in the bedroom. It doesn't make sense. Why do fledgling relationships seem to always breakdown after a month?

What's up with that?

It's probably because a month or so is just about the time when the novelty of being with a new person wears off and the real work of intimacy begins. People who have intimacy issues aren't able to take the pressure of being so close to someone else.  And so they'll make an (always inarticulate) list of excuses about  why they can't see you anymore. Suddenly, they can't seem to fit you into their ever expanding list of things to do that doesn't include you. And then finally when you call them out on the carpet they will deliver their regrets that they just aren't into you via voice mail or text message.

It sucks.

To make matters worse, your friends who are in successful relationships tell you to just move on. They make it sound like the matter is as easy as picking out which fast food restaurant to drive-thru for lunch. The Taco Bell line is too long, then move on to McDonald's. But you know that your hurt feelings are telling you that it's just not that easy. Especially if the person you were in a relationship with for a month has left you with unanswered questions about how the relationship failed, what's wrong with you, and why everything went wrong when everything seemed so right.

What's next?

"Just move on." When your well-meaning friends say it, it doesn't mean they think you should jump into another relationship or start dating someone new right away. It means you should continue to have a relationship with yourself and move forward in your own life. Take the time you need to lick your own wounds. Don't discount a relationship just because it only lasted a short time. Rejection is rejection. It hurts! Go shopping and splurge a little! Treat yourself to a spa day or the big-screen television you've been wanting. Now is not the time for restraint.

Let it be over.

If the relationship is over, then let it be over. Don't call just to say "hi." Don't return their call when (and there is no "if" about this) they call to revisit you, and see how you're doing. You don't have to be friends with the person who dumped you, and they have proven that they're not able to be in a relationship with you at this time. So, let it be over.

Look forward.

Life is a roller coaster. The rough patches are there to make the good times seem all that much better. Know that your future holds the best time of your life and hold onto that thought. Love yourself and the people who love you.  Living well truly is the best revenge.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Best Marriage Proposal Ever?

Here at Wet International we love to talk about sex and intimacy. That's what we're all about -- making sure it stays wet longer! But we're also big fans of love and romance! And when we saw this epic wedding proposals, we couldn't look away.

Maybe it’s because it's summer. Maybe it's because of the joie de vivre that's on display by everyone involved in this proposal. Maybe it's Bruno Mars’s “Marry You,” or maybe it’s just because the groom convinced countless family members and friends to pitch in and help act out the song and lip-sync the lyrics as the bride watched from a moving car! This guy totally raised the bar for future grooms-to-be.

If you haven't already watched it, you've got to see it. It will make you believe in love and romance again.

Did your fiance propose in a unique way? Tell us how in the comments below!

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Get Ready For Summer Sex!

Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial kick off to summer!  With warmer weather and a long weekend off from work, this weekend may be the perfect time to rekindle the romance in your relationship. We've got a few ideas about how you can spice up your Memorial Day.

Hot summer nights make it fun to be outside after dark. So grab your partner and make a date for an outdoor movie. If you don't have a drive-in movie near you, find an outdoor movie playing in a park. Pack up a picnic basket, get a bottle of red wine, and a blanket. You'll enjoy an evening of snuggling foreplay underneath the stars.

There's always a party going on at the beach in the summer! You can frolic in the sun by day, and when night falls you can have even more fun in the moonlight.  Sex on the beach is more than just a cocktail, it's also a fantasy for many people. Just make sure you bring a beach towel big enough for two.  

Learning something new is key to unlocking your imagination, and a wild imagination can come in handy in the bedroom. Sign up to take a class as a couple, you could learn cooking, wine tasting or maybe try your hand at the art of sensual massage. You'll both want to spend time doing your homework after class.

Take me out to the ball game! Sex and baseball go together like peanut butter and jelly. There's a reason why getting to third base has more than one meaning. It's a sexy sport!  Baseball moves at a slow, seductive pace. By the time the game is over, you're ready to work on hitting a home run in your own bedroom.

Forgot to make plans for a romantic three day weekend? No worries. There's always time for a last minute getaway! You don't have to go too far.  Check out the nearby vineyard that makes your favorite wine.  Take a hike on local trails, or maybe a drive along a scenic highway. Find a way to spend some quality time together.

You know summer is here when the air is scented with the alluring aroma of a backyard grill. So put some beer and wine on ice and fire up the barbeque. You can invite your family and friends over for a party, or make it an intimate affair just for two. Once you've started the fire, you know you can expect a lot of sexy fun.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Davey Wavey's $67,000 Shirtless Adventure

Davey Wavey's shirtless adventures have been viewed by more than 150,000 subscribers around the world. We were so excited when he called us and told us that Wet Personal Lubricants were on his bucket list that we sent out the Wet Limo to pick him up and bring him to the factory to meet the Wet Platinum Man and take a tour. Watch the video to see what happens next!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How To Have Hot Sex Seven Days A Week

Are you one of those couples who have gotten into the habit of only having weekend sex? It's a hard habit to break. You're both working. You've got kids in the house. You're trying to run errands in your free time. And then there's picking up around the house and grocery shopping. By the time you're done for the night, you're done for the night. You only have the energy to use the remote control on the television before you fall into an exhausted slumber.

It doesn't have to be like this. You can have hot sex seven nights a week. All it takes is a little creativity -- and the ability to think outside the box you've been keeping your sex life in.

Morning Seduction
Let's face it. Most mornings he wakes up with a hard on, so if you nibble on his ear and whisper something dirty, you'll only be encouraging what's already occurring in nature. It's unexpected, fun and a little dirty. Getting up and going to work after morning sex will feel like you're taking a victory lap. You may lose a half an hour of sleep, but it's worth it. So go ahead and set your alarm clock a little early, and then wake up for sex.

If you adding up all of the free fifteen minutes of time you have here and there throughout your week, you'd probably have enough time for a big seduction scene with toys and dirty lingerie. Just because you only have fifteen minutes doesn't mean you shouldn't get something started. Go ahead, nuzzle a little in the kitchen or the laundry room. A quickie can be lots of fun and very rewarding for everyone involved.

Hors D'Oeuvres
She makes a nice dinner. You light candles and pour two glasses of wine. And by the time you've had dinner and two glasses of wine all you can do is curl up in the corner of the sofa for a nap. It's a food coma and sex seems like the last thing on anyone's mind. So why not try the sex BEFORE dinner? Pour a glass of wine and relax and enjoy it. No one will care if you decide to have dinner  after sex wearing nothing at all.

Work-Out Replacement
Are you tired of the same old work-out tape? Can't talk yourself into going to the gym three nights a week? Schedule sex as a recreational activity! If you're doing it right you're certain to burn a few calories, and you'll feel relaxed and fit after your activities.

Be understanding of your partner as you attempt to make some changes to spice up your sex life. Change is difficult, but if you're both willing to compromise, it can be fun and rewarding.