Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Not In The Mood? Get Into The Groove!

There are a lot of things that can torpedo any woman's libido. If you're just not feeling like you've got game, you should check with your doctor. Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Hormone changes, and some medications can all lower your sex drive. Once you've determined that you're physically fit and your underactive sex drive is just a product of having kids, stress at work and a never-ending list of things to do…then there are a few things you can do to help make you feel like you've got it going on. (And we're sure you do!)

1. Give yourself permission. Stop putting sex at the bottom of your priority list. Move it to the top and give yourself permission to spend a few hours getting naughty with someone you love (or at least lust for very, very much.)

2. Eat something. Spicy foods are rumored to have the qualities of aphrodisiacs and will actually rev up your sex drive. You might also want to try oysters, strawberries and champagne. But don't eat a big lasagna and then try to get it on -- heavy foods won't spice up your sex drive, rather they'll just leave you in a carb coma. 

3. Exercise. Get outside and get active. No one wants a sex partner who just lays there and takes it. Get your blood pumpin' and your heart racing and pretty soon your libido will be active too.

4. Get a massage. The sensual act of touch is a great way to jump start a reluctant sex drive. A good massage can leave you tingling from tip to tail. It could also leave you wanting more. A lot more.

5. Take a bath. Fill your tub with bubbles and just soak in the delicious warm water for a little while. Let yourself enjoy the sensual pleasure.

6. Read a book. Men get turned on with sexy pictures. Women often enjoy reading about sexy situations. Find your favorite dirty passage in your favorite naughty book and let yourself get turned on.

7. Watch porn.  Why not? Find a movie that you and your man both enjoy and tap into your voyeuristic nature. You never know, maybe you'll learn a trick or two.

8. Fantasize.  Who cares if your bedroom is the size of a Ritz cracker box? In your imagination, your bedroom can be the size of a football field overlooking an infinity pool and your own private island beyond. Where would you most like to have sex?

9. Set the scene. Put clean sheets on the bed. Plump up the pillows. Light some candles and slip into something that feels soft and silky against your skin.

10. Put on some music. Soft and sexy or hard and pumpin'. Put on the tunes that match your mood and then let your instincts take over. It won't be long before you'll find your groove again.

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  1. My boyfriend has been overly stressed at work, and recently I put on porn without telling him, then called him into the bedroom, as soon as he saw what was on clothes were flying off!