Friday, September 28, 2012

Are You A Flirt?

Think you're a great flirt? That opinion may not be shared with the object of your affection. Learning how to flirt can improve your relationships -- in bed, at the bar, and in the bedroom. 

Flirting is a skill. Just like ice skating, your flirting with improve with a few tips and a lot of practice.  You don't have to have a crush on someone in order to flirt. In fact, you should practice flirting with random people you see every day. - people who might not even be on your dating radar - on order to hone your skills. That way, you'll have some flirting experience under your belt when you approach the people who really matter.

We've put together five tips to help you become a better flirt.

1. Flirt via text or email
It's hard, especially if you're shy or introverted to walk up to someone you've never met before and start successful flirty. It's moments like this when "bad" pick-up lines start to seem like a good idea. (And honestly, they never are.) Try breaking the ice with your crush by flirting through the wall of social media -- it makes you feel a little less vulnerable.

2. Make eye contact and smile
Look into the eyes of your crush when you talk, particularly at meaningful points in the conversation. And don't forget the power of a wink. Yes, it can be cheesy, but if you do it when you're talking in a group, it will seem like you and crush are "in" on an inside joke. 

3. Don't talk about yourself.
If you really want to get to know someone, you want them to be interested in you. Instead of telling your crush about yourself at the risk of sounding like you're bragging, ask questions and engage your crush in conversation.

4.  Use body language
Inappropriate touching is never going to get you where you want to go, but you should take every opportunity to seem open and receptive to conversation. Turn your body toward the other person. Stand or sit so that you're facing the person you're flirting up. Angle your torso toward him or her, or point your feet in that direction.

5. Always leave them wanting more
As much as you might want to be with this person forever, it's best to bow out before the conversation goes stale. The best way to avoid wearing out your welcome is to leave before it happens. This will also provide you with a much needed air of mystery.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Why Is Fall The 'Season Of Sex'?


Walks in the woods

Hot cocoa


A fire in the fireplace

A chill in the air


Crisp apples

& Sexy knee-high boots

We could think of a million reasons why sex is better in September and October. In fact, according to an article in the Business Insider, there's a scientific reason why fall is "the season of sex." There's a chill in the air and the anticipation of the holiday season approaching. Everything seems so much more dramatic and it seems like almost everyone is thinking about 'fall'-ing in love. So if you've had sex on your mind recently, you're probably not alone. And just for fun, the people over at Huffington Post came up with 16 reasons why sex is better in the fall.  Do you agree? Tell us in the comments below.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's Time For A Little Naughty Nookie After Dark

Nothing – not sweaters, not the smell of fireplaces, not pumpkin patches, and not apple picking – says "fall" like the blazing red, glimmering gold, and burnt-orange leaves that cover trees and crunch underfoot during the autumn months. 

Whether you're practically a professional leaf-peeper or just falling in love with autumn for the first time, you'll want to get out and enjoy the cooler temperatures this season can bring. It's the perfect time of year to get out into the outdoors and get a little naughty in the great outdoors.

We've put together a list of a few places we think you might want to explore getting sexy with someone special during the month of October.

1. Under A Harvest Moon
The Harvest Moon is the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox. Often, the Harvest Moon seems to be bigger or brighter or more colorful than other full moons, so take your cue from the festive color of the moon and get naked and have fun under the moon on September 29.

1. In the Loft Of A Hay-Filled Barn
It's the stuff of romance novels -- getting it on with a hot cowboy in the barn. If you know where to find a hot cowboy, he'll know where to find the barn.

2. After Dark In Spooky Cemetery
As it gets closer to Halloween, the idea of be scared out of your wits becomes a bit more fun. Just remember if you decide to get it on in a cemetery, be prepared for visitors -- not ghosts -- other people who are celebrating Halloween with a graveyard visit.

3. At A Famous Haunted Place Or Landmark
How many scary movies start out with a boy and a girl making out in a remote location only to be disturbed by a serial killer wearing a hockey mask and wielding a chainsaw? Every city or small town has a house or location that is haunted by an urban legend. Find your local haunt and head out.

4. Under A Clock Tower
A little nookie in this kind of location will bring new meaning to "Big Ben." Remember the clock tower in "Back To The Future"? You don't need to own a DeLorean, take a friend and get sexy as the clock strikes the top of the hour.

5. On A Golf Course
No, you don't have to keep your shoulders draped around your shoulders when you have sex on a golf course after dark. Many golf courses have closed for the season, but you could still find some fun in the sand traps.

6. In A Boat House
Enjoy a sunset kayak cruise around the edges of the lake, and then when you return after dark, get a little crazy inside the boat house. It'll be lots of fun as long as you're not scared of anything that goes bump in the night.

7. A Grove Of Trees
Will you be up to the challenge of getting sexy deep in the darkness of a forest? Especially if there's a fog rolling in and you can't see what's out there and what's making those strange noises in the dark.

8. Inside A Tent On A Camping Trip
Fall is the perfect time of year to go on a camping trip. There's no better way to stay warm than to zip your sleeping bags together and enjoy the feel of skin-to-skin contact.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Take The Highway To Happiness And Win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Remember "Carmageddon"? Get ready for the sequel. It's Carmageddon II!

SoCal drivers are being urged to stay off the roads as a section of the busy I-405 is closed next weekend while crews tear down a bridge in the Sepulveda Pass.  The 53-hour weekend closure begins on Sept. 29.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is suggesting that Angelenos make it a "car-light or car-free weekend with family and friends." We want you to turn your "car-light weekend" into the "Highway To Happiness…"

If you live in LA, stay home and have sex over the weekend of September 29-30!  And to encourage the locals to have a sexy staycation at home, Wet Personal Lubricants is giving away a gift basket of lube.

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3. Then, go to Wet Personal Lubricants Blog and leave your name and email address in the Rafflecopter giveaway form. Or you can leave your name and email address in the comments of this entry and let us know that you’re a qualified contestant.

4. You can also comment on any other posts on any other blog posts as an entry into the giveaway.

The giveaway runs from Friday 9 /21/2012 until Friday 9/28/2012 at 9 a.m. PST. One winner will be chosen at random. The winner will be notified via an email message from Wet Personal Lubricants. You need to have a shipping address in the greater Los Angeles area. The winner has 24 hours to reply.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fall In Lust: Aphrodisiacs Of The Harvest Season

In addition to falling leaves and the slight chill in the air, the smell of pumpkin, apples and spice is another telltale sign that autumn has arrived. But did you know that many of your favorite harvest foods are also natural aphrodisiacs? It's no wonder that this is the perfect time of year to "fall" in love.

In Medieval England, an autumnal celebration highlighted the fermented fruit of the apple tree, and the almost Bacchanalian merriment that would ensue after consuming these natural delights. Apples deliver a jolt of sweetness, and their high pectin keeps a sugar rush at bay while their even energy distribution will keep you going during a few hours of horizontal apple picking.

Is there anything sexier than a drizzle of the finest dark chocolate? Chocolate is thick, smooth, creamy, and delicious, but you already knew that. It's also believed to be a source of the same feel-good chemical that the body naturally produces during those first moments of falling in love.

Buttermilk is a popular ingredient in desserts for meals that call for a lush finale, and that same quality makes it a perfect aphrodisiac.  The wonderful feeling of cool buttermilk poured over the body can be enough to start an encore of good lovin'.

A spice considered to be culinary fairy dust that can inspire a long night of passion. Cinnamon was used in Asia to guard against colds, the bark of the cinnamon tree is also used as an aromatherapy agent for relaxation. Cinnamon is among the spices considered useful for producing “heat” within the body, and has been measured to increase appetite, both physical and sexual. 

Ginger plays into the aphrodisiac history of both the East and West. Although recipes for pumpkin pie spice vary, most also include nutmeg and cloves. All three of these intensely flavored spices help raise body temperature and have been used in the East to sweeten breath.

As an aphrodisiac, fennel may be most useful to women. In the 1930’s, fennel was considered to be used as a source for synthetic estrogen.

Maple Syrup
It's dark, rich and somewhat mysterious, but maple syrup’s aphrodisiac attributes are more extensive than its obvious charms. Maple syrup is a source of zinc, essential for healthy blood flow -- which will assist and enhance any orgasm. 

Pumpkin Spice Pie
The Smell & Taste Treatment & Research Foundation in a clinical study discovered that the scent of pumpkin pie spice in combination with lavender was extremely effective in arousing men. We don't think that you should be sprinkling pumpkin pie spice in your panties, but you may want to consider inviting the current object of your lust over for dessert in front of the fire and see what happens next.

Red Wines
Ah, wine, the gift of the gods. Not only will red wine halt those evil free radicals, and keep you skinny, and keep you young…but it turns out that a delicious cabernet will also boost your libido and that of your lover. 

The most expensive of the spices, Saffron's aphrodisiac allure, according to the Knights of Arabia, , is believed to be most effective on women. Like honey, it can give the body that quick fix of energy at a key moment but it adds a more distinctive flavor to foods than its golden cousin. 

Many food experts call the tomato, the "apple of love."  The sensation of eating a fresh, fully ripened, crisp, clean, juicy tomato is sexy all on its own. Tomatoes have been known to aid in sexual performance. They help calm pre-sex nerves, which can be especially helpful in a first-time-partner situation. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Plan a Romantic Make-Out Session

Okay, so you've rounded the sexual bases in your relationship many, many times, but that doesn't mean you should keep skipping over first in an effort to make an out-of-the-park grand slam home run every time you're at the plate.  As many couples become more serious, their make-out sessions start dwindling until suddenly they're not kissing as passionately—or as often—as they used to.

Do you remember your first kiss with your partner? The weak-in-the-knees quivery feeling you felt in the pit of your stomach when your lips first touched? Those feelings shouldn't be overlooked for naked nookie.

Kissing is important. It's your bond. It's the way that you're linked with your partner. You should make time to kiss more often. Take time to plan a make-out session. And if you don't think you've got time enough for plotting and planning some serious make-out time…think again. We've come up with a list of all the places that you could and should be thinking about making out.

How many of these places to make out can you check off in one week? One month?
Take the challenge. We're certain this is one "honey do" list that you'll both enjoy doing.

1. Under the stars
2. On a rooftop
3. In a car like you did after you got your driver license.
4. In an elevator
5. On the beach
6. In the surf
7. In a hotel pool after dark
8. In the kitchen
9. On a picnic blanket
10. In your boss's office
11. On the top of a Ferris Wheel
12. In a taxi cab
13. On a motorcycle
14. In the nosebleed seats of a concert or sporting event
15. In a library or bookstore
16. On a ski lift
17. At a wedding reception
18. In the balcony of a movie theatre
19. The drive-in movie theatre
20. The screened-in porch of a country cottage
21. In the rain
22. In the firsts snowfall of the season
23. under the mistletoe
24. in the shower or bathtub
25. While watching a sunrise or sunset
26. In a gazebo
27. In a hidden alcove of a museum
28. From a mountaintop or scenic view area
29. Under a full moon
30. In the drive-thru line

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Get Frisky And Fall In Love!

Summer may have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean it’s time for the winter blues to kick in.  Fall is one of the most exciting and beautiful times of the year.  It’s the season of sweaters, caramel apples, mulled wine, and football…players: what’s not to love? Fall is a great time for romantic adventures and intimate pleasures.  Seasonal cooking is always fun, and fall features flavors that create togetherness and companionship. So embrace the season with our sexy ideas for fall romance. Try these tips — and even as the air gets chilly — your love life will continue to be hotter than ever.

Go on color tour!
Watching leaves transform into brilliant displays of vibrant orange, yellow, and red is one of the best parts of autumn, but just driving through your neighborhood won't give you enough of a peek at the true beauty of the season. So hop in your car, pack some sandwiches for a picnic, and take a scenic drive through mountain passes and tree-lined back roads where you can get an awe-inspiring look at the true romance of fall.  

Are you ready for some football?
There’s truly is no cure for Sunday afternoons when your man wants to watch football, so the best solution is to join him! Get together a group of friends, and order pizza and beers. Even if you don’t know the difference between a touchdown and a home run, watching a game with a group is a great way to learn. And afterwards, your man may show his appreciation for your consideration in a really naughty and fun way. 

Make it fright night!
Halloween isn't until the end of October, but it's never too early to on a ghost tour of a local haunt. Or just stay home and turn off the lights, make some popcorn, and watch some scary movies.  It's an inexpensive night in that will make guys feel strong and protective, and allow women to snuggle even closer to their man.  Who knows where a little kissing in the dark might lead?

Go day tripping!
Take off to an apple cider mill and be sure to take part in all the fall activities! Go on a hayride, find a secluded spot in the corn maze to neck, and feed your sweet tooth with delicious fall treats like candy corn, doughnuts and cider.  It's a great place to let go and just have fun.  Make sure you bring home a pumpkin for carving.  Working on a creative fall project will bring you closer together. 

Feather your nest!
A change of seasons is a great time to make changes around the house and autumn is the perfect time for nesting.  Turn your bedroom into a sacred and sexy retreat. Banish overhead lighting and create a sensual mood with sconces and table lamps. Scented candles, and massage oils and will add to the exotic atmosphere.  And maybe it's time to pick out a new sex toy…or two.