Monday, March 31, 2014

Sex Myth's Busted – Oral Sex Is NOT exactly Safe Sex, But It Can Be Safer Sex With These Tips!


Some love giving it. Some would rather receive it.  Some are not into it either way.  While some may consider oral sex safer than intercourse, it is not considered 100% safe by the experts.

What Is Oral Sex?
Oral sex is defined by mouth to genitalia contact.  Most people are familiar with the term fellatio, stimulation of the male genitals and cunnilingus or stimulation of the female genitals, however, oral sex can include anilingus, or oral to anal contact also called ‘rimming’.  Many commonly known STDs or STI’s can be transmitted via any of these types of oral sex.  Whether on the receiving or giving end, there are ways to make the practice safer and more fun.

Is It Safe?
Oral sex is on the rise, and even those who consider themselves virgins may be unknowingly putting themselves at risk for a long list of STDs . The most common of those being Gonorrhea, Herpes, Hepatitis B, HIV, Syphilis, Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and Chlamydia which may be spread through giving or receiving oral sex.
According to a recent article from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC):
  • The risk of HIV transmission through oral sex is much less than that from anal or vaginal sex—but it is not zero
  • Performing oral sex on an HIV-infected man, with ejaculation, is the riskiest oral sex activity.
  • Factors that may increase the risk of HIV transmission through oral sex are oral ulcers, bleeding gums, genital sores, and the presence of other sexually transmitted infections.

Does HPV Really Cause Cancer?
HPV or Human Papilloma Virus is a commonly transmitted STD, now believed to cause oral and throat cancer.  While there may be other causes, the revelation these cancers are linked to the virus was highly publicized when actor Michael Douglas revealed in an interview that not only did he have throat cancer, his doctors’ believed it developed because he contracted HPV from performing cunnilingus.  In his words…

"No. Because, without wanting to get too specific, this particular cancer is caused by HPV (Human Papilloma Virus), which actually comes about from cunnilingus," Douglas said. When the reporter questioned him unsure of what he had heard, Douglas elaborated, “…yeah, it's a sexually transmitted disease that causes cancer."

How to Make Oral Sex Safer
Ok, Michael, we find that information specific enough.  We all learned something that day in 2013.  But what to do if we still wish to practice oral sex? The only way to be sure if you are completely safe is not to have any sexual contact.  Uh, right? That said, let’s be more realistic than that.  Oral sex is only considered safe if you and your partner are in a 100%-committed, monogamous relationship and both of you have been tested for all STDs.  If this is not you, we have a few suggestions to make it safer and more fun for you and your partner. 

According to the University of Georgia’s Health Center…
When practicing safer oral sex, use the barrier method: “For oral sex on a woman, the use of latex barrier or plastic wrap can serve as a barrier to prevent the transmission of HIV and other STIs…For oral sex on a man, using a flavored latex condom can reduce STI transmission. Some people complain that condoms have a rubbery taste and lessen the sensation on the penis.

Try this tip: Using a small amount of Wet® Light® Personal Lubricant inside the condom may increase sensation and adding some to the outside will make it more palatable for the giver.  It has a pleasantly sweet taste.  An added benefit to note: when used properly, lubricants can also reduce the risk of condom breakage.  (Note: For oral-anal contact, a latex barrier is strongly recommended to reduce the risk of STI transmission.)

You can read more about oral sex from the University of Georgia

How to Make Oral Sex More Fun
Whether on the giving or receiving end, it is a skill that can be learned; the good news is with practice we can all get better and better at it. If you are on the giving end, moaning or erotic talk can enhance both your pleasure. If on the receiving end, remember to relax.  Once you practice oral sex with a barrier, it will become second nature.  You can try alternating licking and sucking with applying gentle pressure over the barrier with a favorite vibrator for a whole new sensation.

For those who wish to perform oral sex for their partners but are more worried about possible odors that arise, we have a suggestion for both of you.  Add more fruit to your diet.  It has been shown that eating strawberries, pineapples, and honeydew melons while limiting the intake of red meat and dairy will increase the pleasure and overall taste and scent of both sexes.
So just relax, be safer, and enjoy the give and take. 

Lori S. Choi, Blogger for Wet Personal Lubricants

Friday, March 21, 2014

Sex Myth’s Busted: Anal Sex Is Only For Gay Men & Anal Sex Hurts

Although not everyone has experienced anal sex, once tried, those we talk to about it often wonder afterwards why they hadn’t tried it before.  It is not uncommon for Wet Personal Lubricants to be asked via a Direct Message on Facebook or Twitter (@WetTogether) what to expect the first time when having anal sex. This is a subject you must discuss openly with your partner, so once you the two of you agree to the when and where’s, here are a few answers to those burning questions, before you go uh….there.

1.    “Isn’t it too dirty? I mean physically dirty there?” Many people prefer to do an enema prior to having anal sex because they think it’s going to be a dirty place.  It’s actually not as dirty as you might think. The rectum and anal canal do not typically store fecal matter.  That said, you should not penetrate the vaginal area immediately following anal sex unless the toy or penis is cleaned well with mild soap and water first to avoid any vaginal infections.

2.    “Won’t having anal sex stretch out my anus too much and cause me to have “accidents” in the future?”  This is another idea that is pure myth.  Similar to the vagina, the external and internal sphincters are flexible muscles and can accommodate various sizes without the possibility of losing complete control over them.  There is a possibility of damaging or tearing the muscles so it is important that you go slowly, relax, use lots of lubricant and stop if there is any pain.

3.    “But if I give him anal, will he want to do vaginal sex any longer?”  Yes, the anal entry is tighter than the vaginal opening, however, this is not a major concern.  Most partners, we find, want to keep their options…well, open.

4.     “Will it harm me? Will it be painful? Having sex anally?” It shouldn’t be harmful nor should it be painful.  First, take it slowly.  Second, be sure to use that one key ingredient for anal sex--personal lubricant, it should within reach say on or in your nightstand.  We recommend Wet Platinum Premium Personal Lubricant or Wet Uranus Anal Lubricant.   Wet Uranus is specifically formulated to provide the lubrication that the anus cannot create on its own.  Remember to use it liberally and often.

5.    “If I am not worried about getting pregnant, do I need to use a condom?”  We suggest that you do use a condom—every time. We always advocate safe sex, as anal sex is a high risk activity for transmitting and contracting STDs.  Talk to your doctor if you have had unprotected anal sex even if you believe yourself to be in a monogamous relationship.  Also, as previously stated, it is also a good idea to use Wet Platinum Premium Personal Lubricant on the condom; this will reduce the risk of breakage due to the vigorous use in a dry area like the anus.

Remember to always have consent before trying anal sex with your partner.  If you find this information helpful, be sure to forward it to a friend. You’d be surprised how many can benefit from an open dialog about sex.  Wet Uranus Anal Lubricant is available at most local adult boutiques or online at, where discreet shipping is available.

Lori S. Choi, Blogger for Wet Personal Lubricants

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sex Myths – Busted! Vaginal Dryness – It's A Problem Only For The Post-Menopausal, So Only Older Women Need Lubricants

Wrong and Busted! The belief that only post-menopausal women experience vaginal dryness is a misconception and it is important for younger women to be informed.  Vaginal dryness can occur at any age, for many reasons, and surely can be due to menopause as well.  Of course, we are partial to using lubrication during sex as it enhances sexual satisfaction no matter what the age.  But there are several important medical factors that can leave a woman needing the additional moisture.

1. Birth Control Pills – Women of all ages may be on the pill, and while a lucky few find the pill to be libido-enhancing, (most likely because the fear of getting pregnant is not on their mind and they are able to relax);  for others, taking a birth control pill can cause a drop in hormone levels that are responsible for lubrication causing vaginal dryness and in some cases painful sex.  Using lubrication on and around the vagina and on his penis will greatly enrich your experience.

2. Bike-Riding – Yeah, you know that great spin class you have that makes you lean forward? Seriously, for those who spend hours cycling: If your handle bars are too low and you find yourself leaning forward, putting too much weight on the pelvis can cause low blood supply to the vaginal area which may cut off the ability to orgasm! Don’t believe me? Click here to watch Dr. Lauren Streicher explain it all.

3. Sex After Hysterectomy – Although we hope you don’t need this procedure, if you do have to have a hysterectomy, from medical necessity, it is important to use a lubricant when having sex for the first time after this surgery.  It will make you and your partner much more comfortable and worry-free and isn’t that what great sex is all about? Leaving your worries at the door.

Wet Personal Lubricants are available in a variety of types from silicone-based, water-based, glycerin-free, and hybrids of all of these. If you have any of the medical issues above be sure to talk with your own doctor about them, but we recommend silicone-based Wet Platinum Premium Personal Lubricant for you.  It is our slickest, most long-lasting formula and it is silky smooth, doctor recommended, condom compatible and an FDA accepted medical device.  Also, it’s now kosher!  You're welcome!

by Lori S. Choi, Blogger for Wet Personal Lubricants