Friday, June 8, 2012

Top Ten Rules Of Sexting

It seems like no one makes phone calls anymore, at least not anyone under the age of 40.
Communication in the 21st century takes place via email and text messages.You've seen the sexy photos of Scarlett Johansson that leaked onto the internet that she took in order to sext her hunky hubby Ryan Reynolds, and you've been thinking, if Scarlett can do it, so can I. You want to jump on the bandwagon and get dirty via text message, but do you know sexting etiquette? There are a few rules to remember so that you don't end up feeling as stupid as Brett Favre.

1.    No unsolicited sexting.

If you learned one thing from clicking on the alleged photo of Hall Of Fame NFL Quarterback Brett Favre's penis when it was posted on the internet, it's that you really shouldn't text pictures of your junk to a woman who has never seen it in person. She won't find it intriguing. She'll most likely find it insulting. Make sure you know your audience pretty well before you start sending dirty words and pictures. Sexting should be a mutual affair.

2.    Sext with words not pictures.

Women love to be seduced with words. That's why they read romance novels and men watch porn.  Guys, tell her what you want to do to her. Girls, you don't have to show him everything to be provocative.

3.    Be aware of your surroundings while sexting, as well as the surroundings of the person who is receiving your pics and texts.

No one wants to get provocative poses of their object of desire during a big company presentation. It's awkward.

4.    Put a little effort into the art direction of your naughty pics.

It's not just you…it's where you are. Be aware of your backdrop. There is no such thing as a sexy photograph taken in front of a pile of dirty laundry or on top of an unmade bed. It changes something sexy into something funny.

5.    Drunk texting is as uncool as drunk dialing.

There is no better way to signal that you are not worthy of being sexted than to send someone a booty call text when you're inebriated. Just don't do it. If you drink, don't sext. If you're sexting, don't drink to excess.

6.    Don't share your sexts with your friends.

The seductive words and pictures that are created between two people during a sexting session are private. No one else needs to know about it -- and no one else should know about it. It's like kissing and telling. It just isn't cool.

7.    Lock your phone when not in use.

You don't want your mom to find the dirty pics of your new girlfriend on your phone when she's scrolling through to find the photos you took of your new puppy. It's incredibly embarrassing. Take the necessary precautions to keep your private interactions private.

8.    Don't use the company phone for storing your favorite dirty pics.

It's like sitting on the Xerox machine and making butt copies at the company Christmas party. No matter how careful you are, someone will find out. And you could be in a lot of trouble.

9.    Pay attention to what you're doing and who you're sexting.

Don't sext your dentist. If your phone has a list of often-called numbers, don't send a naked photo to your dentist's office instead of your lover. They probably can't help you with that body part.

10.    Sexting is always risky.

Know that you're taking a risk anytime you use technology to reach out to your partner sexually. Take the necessary steps to make sure that the sexting you do is a mutually fun and beneficial affair.

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