Friday, December 28, 2012

Pop Your Cork On New Year's Eve!

New Year’s Eve is almost here!

 In all the hustle and bustle of Christmas, you may not have spent any time at all thinking about what you're going to do to ring out the old and ring in the new.  Even if you do have plans, you may not be very excited about them. 

New Year’s Eve can be a tricky holiday with some of the same problems that cause troubles on Christmas and Valentine's Day -- expectations.  You want the night to be fun and exciting, and if you have a partner, you also want it to be romantic and sexy. Married or single, there are many ways you can have a sexy time ringing in the New Year. It's a great time to recharge, reconnect, and set the tone for things to come. We've got a few ideas about what you can do on New Year's Eve.

Try something new! Start the new year out fresh. If you always go out to dinner, stay in. If you always go dancing with a group of friends, make it a date night just for two. If you always go to the same restaurant, stay home and host a potluck dinner for your crew. The unexpected is always sexy. When you start the year from a fresh perspective, you'll be surprised by what happens next.

Go to bed!  There really is no law saying you have to stay up and watch the ball drop. Almost everyone is home from work on New Year’s Day, but you can't enjoy sleeping in past your alarm if you're just climbing into bed in the early morning hours.  Put on your sexiest pjs, grab you partner, and snuggle in for the night. You can bring along a bottle of champagne and some toys you’ve always wanted to try, or enjoy some porn on the TV. 

Plan a getaway! If you've got kids in the house, there is nothing more romantic than some time alone. Why not plan a sleepover? Choose a romantic bed and breakfast or a swanky hotel. Order room service. Find a place with a pool and take a late-night skinny dip, or book a room with a hot tub. Set the scene for your partner with candles and other romantic surprises. It doesn’t have to be expensive or far from home. 

Get in touch with friends and family! December 31 is a perfect time to take a few minutes to check in with your nearest and dearest, especially if you didn't get to see them over Christmas. Send out a note to your friends on Facebook, or email the friends that you haven't heard from in a while. When you wake up the next morning with an email box full of notes from loved ones, you'll already know the year is going to be great.

Jump into the new year! Instead of overeating, over-drinking, and over-sleeping, get out and get moving! Try ice skating, rock wall climbing, or zip-lining. Or do something a little naughty and fun in the great outdoors.  There is nothing sexier than someone who's willing to take on a new challenge.  It's a great way to meet someone new or maybe this is the year that you and your partner challenge each other. The possibilities are endless!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Music To Put You In The Mood

By now, you've probably heard Burl Ives sing "Holly Jolly Christmas" so many times that it is starting to be more annoying than anything close to jolly. In fact, you may have soured completely on Christmas music since so many radio stations seem to have been playing nothing but Christmas favorites since the day after Halloween. 

With New Year's Eve fast approaching, and with time on your hands while your home from the office, maybe it's time to make your own personal playlist that will put you in the mood  -- not for Christmas -- but a playlist that will put you in the mood for sex.

There are as many different kinds of mood music as there are stars in the sky. But you  have to admit it would be nice to have a playlist that was already for seduction when the time is right.

So what will you add to your playlist? We've got a few suggestions.  You can also take a look at the suggestions that were put together by Add your song suggestions to our list in the comments below.

1. Let's Get It On - Al Green

A classic.

2.  Can't Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe - Barry White

Really, anything by Barry White and his Love's Orchestra will do.

3. Star Wars theme

Science nerds and film geeks will understand this addition to the list.

4. I've Had The Time Of My Life - Dirty Dancing soundtrack

Close your eyes and pretend you are Patrick Swayze.

5. Bolero - Ravel

It was written for sex.

6. I Feel Love - Donna Summer

She has never been sexier than when she was singing this song.

7. Let's Stay Together - Al Green

The good Reverend is never better than when he's singing about love and happiness.

8. Your Love Is King - Sade

Well, isn't it?

9. Your Body Is A Wonderland - John Mayer

Who doesn't want to hear this when they're naked?

10. Between The Sheets - Isley Brothers

What else can you be thinking about when you play this song?

Friday, December 21, 2012

Stumped For Holiday Gift Giving?

What are you giving your special someone this year? Romantic gifts can be very popular to give and receive over the holidays, but it can be difficult to know what to get. Everyone else seems to have all the ideas -- but you're stumped. No worries! You can make this Christmas extra special by using a bit of creativity and treat your lover to a gift they'll never forget! 

For Her

Framed Photo Or Scrapbook
There are days at the office when the only way she's going to make it from 9am until 5pm is knowing that you are waiting for her at the end of a long hard day. So put one of your favorite moments together in a frame and put it under the tree.
It doesn't have to be expensive, it just has to be from you. Check out her style. Does she like to wear vintage or modern clothes? That will dictate what kind of jewelry to buy. And don't be shy about enlisting one of her close friends to help select something special.
Vintage or Antique
You know how much she's been shopping in those cute little antique stores, so why not indulge her passion and find something that she wouldn't dare buy for herself.
A Weekend Getaway
This gift tells her that you want to spend quality time with her. There is nothing more precious that you can give anyone than time.
Stick with silk, satin and lace robes, camis, baby dolls, slip dresses, bras, and panties. Remember that part of feeling sexy is how the garment feels against her skin.

For Him

A bottle of something….expensive
He dreams about having a wine cave in his weekend home, but he can't afford to have a wine cooler in the basement. So give him a little something that will spark his interest in wines or whiskey. Something he wouldn't or couldn't buy for himself.
Sweater or Throw
Something warm and snuggly to keep the chill away on a cold winter night. And something so soft that you wouldn't mind finding yourself pressed up against it.
Show tickets
There's a song by a band that he sings along to in the car all the time. There's the band that he loves that he's never seen live. There's his favorite sports team. There are so many events, and you can enjoy seeing a show with him if you give him tickets for Christmas.
A Wristwatch
A watch is such a nice masculine piece of jewelry. And wouldn't it be nice for him to wear something that reminds him of you every day.
If you are in a trusting relationship with your partner, you may want to introduce a few new toys to your love life. There are many different options ranging from vibrators, furry handcuffs, and blindfolds to a "love swing". Maybe this is the year to take the plunge. And don't forget the lube!

Monday, December 17, 2012

It's The End Of The World. Let's Have A Party!

As the Mayan “long-count” calendar moves toward the end of a 5,125-year cycle, some people believe that the Dec. 21 event will coincide with a global catastrophe. So what will you do to celebrate the end of the world as we know it? Do you need to edit and prioritize your list of things to do before you die?

It's time to make your short-list.  And after you've got that all planned out, why not plan a party? If the end of the world is coming, why not celebrate? We've got a few suggestions for hosting an end of the world party:

1. An "End Of The World" Menu
Getting in and out of the parking lot of the grocery store to buy your Thanksgiving turkey and all the fixings was a death-defying act.  Imagine what it's going to be like to scare up a party platter after the nuclear winter. If you're throwing an end of the world party, just for fun you'll want to make sure you include a few things on your menu like canned ham, sour kraut and Tang that are assured to outlast the end of the world.

2. Make An Appropriate Playlist
The whole tone of doomsday and destruction at your party will hinge on your musical selections. You'll want to make sure that the end of the world has an upbeat tone with a beat that your partygoers can dance to, and yet still have a little reverence and solemnity about the event.

3. Location, Location, Location!
When the end of the world happens, where do you want to be? Maybe now is the time to throw caution to the wind and turn the small boxy bungalow that you've been living in to an open concept floor plan. Knock down a wall or two? Why not? What better time than at the end of the world? If you're not feeling that adventurous, a room with a view seems like just the right spot.

4. It's Time For Activities!
After the apocalypse, preservation and protection will be the name of the game. Allow your guests to practice their survival skills on the dart board. Or if that's too "on the nose" maybe they could play Monopoly or Life -- just to see what the risks are.

5. Have Fun!
If these are to be your last few hours on earth, you want to make them count. Go all out on your 2012 end of the world party. If you are a spontaneous socialite, have fun games like the world domination favorite "Risk" or the ever-popular "Game of LIFE." If you're more of a movie person, consider such classics as Armageddon and The Day After Tomorrow.