Monday, May 14, 2012

Hate Dating? He's Not Enjoying It Either

Some people love dating. They enjoy meeting new people and experiencing new activities. They're social animals. They go to speed dating and networking events without a (figurative) gun pointed to their head.

I've never actually met these fictional people. I have no idea what remote island on earth they must inhabit. I've just heard rumors about them.

For most of us, dating is a drudge. Dating makes you feel like you're the old time prospector during the Gold Rush. You keep panning for gold and coming up with nothing. Or you think you've found something, and it turns out to be nothing and you feel like a fool afterwards. 

So instead of dating you end up staying home and watching too much reality TV. And pretty soon that's all you're doing. You know you need to get out…but you can't talk yourself into it. Would it help you at all if you knew that men don't like dating either? 

Well, at least there are aspects of it that men find just as awkward and off-putting as you do. And here's the most intriguing results of a recent survey: new technology is making it harder for humans to communicate instead of easier.

Men say the biggest source of their frustration is text messaging. 32% of the men in the survey said that they don't know what to say in a text message to someone they had just started dating or when to send it.   

So, while you're sitting next to your iPhone wondering why the guy you just started dating that you really like hasn't texted, it's because he's sitting next to his iPhone trying to dream up something wonderful to say and wondering when would be the best time to send it to you. 

Does this make you feel any better about all the awkwardness that goes on when you're first dating someone new? I didn't think so. Just wait 'til you hear what men have to say about the awkward first kiss…

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