Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Things NOT To Do On A First Date


It's been trending for two days on Twitter. You know you've seen the #ThingsNOTToDoOnAFirstDate hashtag -- and there's a reason for that. First, it's because of the adorable video made by Connor Franta. Second, it's because we're all still a little anxious and confused about what we are supposed to do on a first date. For many people, it's a nerve-shattering experience.

While your hormones tell you that you should get a close as possible as soon as possible, your head is telling you that you need to take your time and get to know your date. It's no wonder you feel so conflicted and confused. We all do. So here are a few rules to stick to when you're on a first date.

1. Bring a friend.

2. Talk about religion or politics.

3. Take your date home to meet your mom, father, brother sister or cousins.

4. Spend too much money.

5. Hit on the waiter or waitress.

6. Use a discount coupon to pay for anything.

7. Keep checking your phone for emails, texts and calls.

8. Talk about your previous relationships.

9. Go to the movies. (Sitting in the dark for two hours is no way to get to know someone.)

10. Talk about yourself too much.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sex Questions You're Too Embarrassed To Ask

There are some questions that you know you want to know the answers to -- but you're too embarrassed to ask. You can't ask your mom. And your doctor is always too rushed to answer all your questions (especially the ones that you leave to the very end because they are the most intimate) so you don't ask, but you wonder and you worry. A lot.

You should always take the time to ask your doctor questions. Write them down if you must. It's your health. In the meantime, Dr. Lauren Streicher has answered a few of themost embarrassing and most common sex questions…so you have a few answers until your next appointment with your doctor.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Get Wet, Down & Dirty On Earth Day!

Earth Day reminds us of our duty to help keep our planet clean, so why not get your friends and family together to celebrate the occasion? You can turn the lights down low and have a party by candlelight. Now is the perfect time to plant trees, flowers and vegetables that will attract birds and butterflies to your garden in the summer. It's also a great way to bond with your significant other and learn more about good Earth stewardship. For outdoor enthusiasts, Earth Day is the perfect reminder to get out there and really enjoy the warmer weather. After all, Spring is the season of sex -- all the birds and bees are doing it! You should be doing it too.

Get back to nature and get sexy!  Did you know that entrance to national parks is free on Earth Day?  It's the perfect time to enjoy the out-of-doors. Pack a tent, grab your partner, and get it on under the stars. You can go rock climbing and hiking during the day and spend the night under the moon star-gazing and having sex.

Planting a tree for Earth Day is a tradition. If you have the space, why not have a tree planting ceremony of your own? You and your significant other can watch a tree you planted together grow year and year. The tree will serve not only as a reminder of the need to preserve our environment, but also as a living symbol of the growing bond that you share.

Being sexy is all about feeling fit. Your relationship will be even hotter when you feel good about yourself and how you look. So get out there and work it out. Get moving and get your heart pumping. You'll tone your muscles and bring natural color to your face. You will be a magnate for love and in shape for some hot sex.

Outdoor sex is more about novelty than having the best sex ever, but if you want to enjoy sex in the great outdoors, make sure you dress for success and find a location that won't interfere with other people's enjoyment of nature. Two top tips: bring lubrication and condoms. And take them with you when you finish.

Celebrate Earth Day and save water at the same time by sharing a tub or shower with your significant.  Bathing with your partner will reduce your carbon footprint. It’s also a great excuse to get naked and touch each other. Touch is a great way to renew intimacy. You can turn the bathroom into a sexy spa retreat with candles and relaxing music. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Wet's Wisdom

From an article by Ariana Rodriguez featured in XBIZ -- 

Michael Trigg founded Trigg Laboratories in 1989 at the height of the HIV epidemic. As an ideal companion to condom sales, Trigg set out to develop lube formulations that enhanced protected sex. Trigg Laboratories products are now available in 62 countries and sales continue to expand throughout the world with multiple channels of distribution including adult boutique stores and the food, drug and mass market. Now semi-retired, Trigg focuses on new products, marketing and Wet's ongoing philanthropic efforts, which he believes has brought about positive karma for the company. Trigg shares his insight and inspirations with XBIZ in an exclusive Q&A.

What were your goals for Wet in the beginning, and how have they evolved?

In the late 80s, everyone was very concerned about the transfer of HIV. We saw the growth of condoms skyrocket. Because condoms are more likely to break without the use of a lubricant, the timing was right to hit the market with a "FUN" packaged product.  At the time, lubricant use was increasing 15 percent per year. People were beginning to understand that a lubricant not only eased condom use but enhanced their pleasure a great deal. The company began in 1989, in a 1,000-square foot facility in Van Nuys, Calif. We quickly grew every year and now work from a 52,000-square foot factory in Valencia, Calif. I began the company by maxing out $150,000 on my credit cards and selling off real estate investments I made throughout the '80s -- and you thought Donald Trump was the only one highly leveraged in the '90s!

Read the entire article on the Wet Personal Lubricants website.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How To Date Like A Player

So you made a new year's resolution that you would get up off the sofa and date more, and now you're wishing that your resolution had been to focus on paying off your credit card debt.  Dating isn't as easy as it looks, or sounds when you're sitting at home alone on New Year's Eve.

There are a few techniques that you can learn from people who date a lot. These "pick up artists" have some techniques that can be game changers for introverts -- and some of them aren't all that difficult to learn. Who knew that going out to dinner on a first date isn't a great idea? Pick up a few 'pick up lines' in this article on The Frisky.com

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

For Men & Women Size Does Matter

Say it ain't so, Joe…but there's actually some science that suggests that size does matter when it comes to penises. Turns out guys with bigger penises are more attractive to women.

According to a new report in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, Brian Mautz, now a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Ottawa in Canada and his researchers, studied how 105 young Australian women rated attractiveness in males.

“We show that penis size actually is important on some level and, importantly, it interacts with other traits,” says Mautz. You can read more about the study on NBC News.com

And just to make it an even playing field for men and women. There's another study out of Germany detailed in a questionable UK tabloid that says that men who look at busty women every day are more likely to live longer.  


Dr. Karen Weatherby recommends that men over 40 should spend at least 10 minutes daily admiring breasts sized D-cup or larger. It's so specific, it must be true!  Read more about it on Daily Record.com

Monday, April 8, 2013

Who Gets The Best Sex?

It's a question that was featured in the seriously funny romantic comedy "Love Actually". Is there a city that you can move to that will increase your odds at having a better sex life? In the movie, a young English lad who was down-on-his-luck in the bedroom moved to Minnesota and went from being virtually invisible in the UK to being a sex god in the US.

If a change of location will work at the movies, will it work in real life? It turns out that according to a new survey, there are some differences that geography can make in our sex lives. You can read more about it on the Daily Mail.com

Friday, April 5, 2013

Made Us Giggle

After watching this we wouldn't be surprised if you agree that there should be an Oscar category for the worst on-screen performance of an orgasm. 

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

We're All 'Shacking Up'

Turns out we're all doing it. 

More women are living with a partner before they get married, according to a new report by the National Center for Health Statistics.

Nearly half of women (48 percent) between the ages of 15 and 44 lived with a partner before getting married between the years of 2006 and 2010, an 11 percent jump since 2002

According to the report, 1-in-5 women became pregnant during their first year of premarital cohabitation and 40 percent of first marital cohabitations transitioned to marriage within three years. 

Read more about the new 'normal' for living together without being married on NBC News.com

What's Crazy? Some Sex Fetishes Still In 'The Book'

Nick Lachey says he enjoyed walking around in Jessica Simpson's shoes. And Scarlett Johannson said she liked to have sex in cars. 

Should a sexual fixation on shoes or a predilection for public sex give you the opportunity to have your photo in the psychiatrist's bible of diagnoses? You may say no, but some psychiatrists say may say yes. At least for now...
The newest version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, known as the DSM-5, is due out in May. The book sets the standard criteria for psychiatric diagnoses (not to mention health insurance reimbursement), making its pronouncements crucial to mental health treatment.
The exact wording of the new DSM is being kept secret until its publication. But proposed changes discussed online by the American Psychiatric Association researchers who worked on the new edition suggest that foot fetishists and bondage aficionados who hoped to get out of the book won't see that wish come true. Read more on Huffington Post.com