Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Tips For An Overactive Bladder

As you get older, any pressure on the bladder, such as sneezing, laughing, or jogging, or having SEX, may cause embarrassment, like leaking urine involuntarily…how unromantic! If you accidentally leak, you may have stress incontinence, which occurs when the muscles and tissue that help support the bladder become weak.  This most commonly affects women in mid-life, after childbirth or when there is a drop in estrogen.  It also affects both men and women during and after cancer treatment, as the nerves and muscles used to control urine flow can be affected. For men, removal of the prostate can impact the bladder’s mechanism for holding urine.

If you suffer with bladder issues, don’t despair because there is hope.  Just like your hamstrings or biceps, the muscle tone of the pelvic floor can be improved.  By strengthening these muscles, you can not only improve or eliminate stress incontinence, you can also improve your sexual health and responsiveness as well.  By developing an awareness of these muscles, you can learn to tone them, which can help if you are experiencing vaginal dryness, difficulty maintaining arousal, painful intercourse or the inability to orgasm. A simple exercise plan for your pelvic floor is all you need.

To start your exercise plan, squeeze the muscles of the pelvic floor as if you were going to stop the flow of urine.  To get the hang of it, when you go to the bathroom, try stopping the flow of urine a few times to find the muscles you need.  It is not recommended that you continue to practice this way after identifying the muscles since a frequent stop of the urine flow can affect the muscles of the bladder over time. Just use it is a guideline to find the muscles. You can then do sets of 10 repetitions of squeezing and holding for 3 seconds at a time -- just as you would at the gym.

Strengthening your pelvic floor also intensifies the experience of orgasm.  It will be your new favorite workout!  To lessen friction, irritation and pressure during sex, be sure to use a top quality lubricant like Wet® Platinum®  during foreplay and intercourse.  It doesn’t absorb into the skin or get sticky like most water-based lubricants, and it will last for hours without needing to re-apply.

By Madeleine M Castellanos, MD

Naughty Santa’s Antidote

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!—Hot Holiday Stocking Stuffers and Ideas to Keep your Love Life Steaming Hot all Winter Long

Make your list and check it twice, this year being naughty has never felt so nice! Below are some sexy stocking stuffers and fun ideas to turn up the heat during those cold winter nights!
  • Make a date to read Fifty Shades of Grey together in preparation for the Valentine’s Day movie.
  • Make a romantic dinner, light the candles, chill the champagne or your favorite bottle of wine and slip into your sexiest negligee before you eat…don’t forget to feed each other your favorite finger foods.
  • Act out a scandalous scene from the book.
  • Draw a steamy tub for two, add Inttimo® By Wet® Aromatherapy Bath & Massage Oil to bathe each other. Once you are fresh and clean, take the oil to the bedroom and give each other an erotic massage
  • Pour an after dinner drink and share it in the bath
  • Blindfold and feed your partner chocolate-dipped strawberries…very slowly 
  • Climb into bed and break open Wet® Nuru™ Body-On-Body Massage Gel to practice the ancient art of a sensual Japanese Massage --a nude body-on-body celebration of sensuality. The combination of moisturizing aloe vera, seaweed extract, grape seed and soothing chamomile flower extract are both intensely relaxing and highly stimulating, making for the perfect intimate experience. 
  • Break out some slippery Wet® Warming™ Gel --it gently heats on contact and warms with motion. Blow on it and…voila --you’ll both get hot as it gets warmer. And, it’s latex friendly.
  • Or, if you’re still hungry try Wet® Flavored™ Gel Lubricants. They’re sugar-free, colorless, non-staining, kosher, latex friendly and perfect for oral sex. Flavors include kiwi strawberry, juicy watermelon, sweet cherry, wild blueberry and passion fruit punch. 
  • If you are practicing erotic, fun safe sex -- use a condom and be sure to keep it lubricated and friction-free with our most popular formula, Wet® Platinum® Premium Lubricant
  • To maintain maximum heat, repeat previous steps often throughout the season

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