Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Eight Sexy Props You Should Have In Your Bedroom

Has the master bedroom suite in your house become a place for watching late-night reruns of "The Big Bang Theory" and early morning family viewings of "SpongeBob Squarepants"? Other than sleeping is there little other activity in your bed? And no, we don't count tossing and turning?

Maybe it's time to turn your bedroom into a boudoir. Even if you have kids and need to keep your sexy  props hidden from view when they're not in use, there are a few things you should keep in your bedroom to make sure that you're always ready to turn up the heat on your love life.

Here's eight must-haves in the bedroom that you should consider keeping near at hand.

1. Candles
They'll add a glow to your skin and also add sexy scents into the air. Light a few candles in your bedroom and see if your partner doesn't sit up and take notice.

2. Aromatherapy
So you worry that you'll burn the house down if you use candles in the bedroom. No worries. You can always create mood lighting with lamps and add the scents of pleasure with aromatherapy oils and home fragrances. Save one delicious scent for when you're setting seduction scene for your partner.

3. Music
Let's get it on. You know there is nothing that will get you in the mood faster than your favorite song. Music stirs people's emotions and their sex drives. Have lots of different kinds of music available in your bedroom as well as a way to play some the songs that turn you on.

4. Pillows
Not just pillows for your head on the bed. Your bedroom should be filled with toss pillows that you can scattered throughout the room just in case your good lovin' turns into some monkey sex on the floor.

5. Robes
It doesn't matter if you prefer robes that are thick, thirsty terrycloth or silky, smooth satin. Make sure that both you and your partner have robes in the room that are just for intimate moments. They don't have to be -- but it is nice if they were matching -- that why you'll feel like you're both on the same team. 

6. Lubricants and massage oils 
Sex is a sensual act. The art of massage and touch is so intimate and can be enhanced through the use of personal lubricants and massage oils. There are so many different kinds that you can decide if you want silicone, flavored, or warming. Or maybe you'd prefer an aromatherapy massage oil. Keep lubes and oils in you nightstand for moments when you want to get most intimate.

7. Lingerie
Keep your lingerie organized in your closet by colors and uses for when you're in the mood for different kinds of sex. Make sure that your lingerie is clean and fresh and ready to go at a moment's notice. That way you can be ready to go whenever the moment strikes.

8. Sexy toys
Maybe it's a vibrator in your top drawer. Or a pair of fuzzy handcuffs that he keeps in his underwear drawer.  Some nipple clamps or Ben Wa balls. Maybe you've got a favorite tie in his closet that you like to use to act out your Fifty Shades Of Grey fantasies.  It could be any kind of toy or prop that you've both tried and enjoyed. Keep it in a place that you can remember that's out of view to the rest of the family -- but will make you both feel sexy when you're in the mood.

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