Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How To Have Hot Sex Seven Days A Week

Are you one of those couples who have gotten into the habit of only having weekend sex? It's a hard habit to break. You're both working. You've got kids in the house. You're trying to run errands in your free time. And then there's picking up around the house and grocery shopping. By the time you're done for the night, you're done for the night. You only have the energy to use the remote control on the television before you fall into an exhausted slumber.

It doesn't have to be like this. You can have hot sex seven nights a week. All it takes is a little creativity -- and the ability to think outside the box you've been keeping your sex life in.

Morning Seduction
Let's face it. Most mornings he wakes up with a hard on, so if you nibble on his ear and whisper something dirty, you'll only be encouraging what's already occurring in nature. It's unexpected, fun and a little dirty. Getting up and going to work after morning sex will feel like you're taking a victory lap. You may lose a half an hour of sleep, but it's worth it. So go ahead and set your alarm clock a little early, and then wake up for sex.

If you adding up all of the free fifteen minutes of time you have here and there throughout your week, you'd probably have enough time for a big seduction scene with toys and dirty lingerie. Just because you only have fifteen minutes doesn't mean you shouldn't get something started. Go ahead, nuzzle a little in the kitchen or the laundry room. A quickie can be lots of fun and very rewarding for everyone involved.

Hors D'Oeuvres
She makes a nice dinner. You light candles and pour two glasses of wine. And by the time you've had dinner and two glasses of wine all you can do is curl up in the corner of the sofa for a nap. It's a food coma and sex seems like the last thing on anyone's mind. So why not try the sex BEFORE dinner? Pour a glass of wine and relax and enjoy it. No one will care if you decide to have dinner  after sex wearing nothing at all.

Work-Out Replacement
Are you tired of the same old work-out tape? Can't talk yourself into going to the gym three nights a week? Schedule sex as a recreational activity! If you're doing it right you're certain to burn a few calories, and you'll feel relaxed and fit after your activities.

Be understanding of your partner as you attempt to make some changes to spice up your sex life. Change is difficult, but if you're both willing to compromise, it can be fun and rewarding.

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  1. We steal each other away from everyday activities. I think it's the act of surprise that makes it so fun. If he's working out with friends, I will ask to borrow him for a minute. If I am chatting online he will ask me into the other room and when I walk in he's already stripped naked. :)