Monday, April 30, 2012

Looking For A Good Man? Trust The Boy Scout Law

Single, female, and dating? We know you're getting a lot of advice. Don't sleep with him until the third date. Don't say yes to a date for Friday night after Wednesday. Don't say 'I love you' before he does. There are so many rules that can't be broken…or else. And the rules are constantly changing.

Maybe it's time to go Old School. We're going all the way back to the land of Cub Scouts, and Webelos.  Back when the boys knew the laws and tried to live up to them. The Boy Scout Laws, that is. Have you ever considered using the official Boy Scout Laws as a guide to find a good man? It may seem old-fashioned at first glance, but the next time you're on a first date, remember a couple of these rules and see if you can't find a good "Scout."

The Boy Scout Laws

Law #1: A Scout is Trustworthy.

A Scout tells the truth. He is honest, and he keeps his promises. When he says he'll call at 5pm on Tuesday, he calls. And if he doesn't call, you know that he's trapped under something heavy. Or he's beenin the Emergency Room waiting room where there's a no cell phone policy.

Law #2: A Scout is Loyal.

When you want to do something to payback a friend or co-worker who has done you wrong, a Scout's first and only response is always "who's car are we taking?" He doesn't waste your time trying to make you see the other person's point of view. He takes action immediately on your behalf. He understands that being true to his family, friends, co-workers …and of course, you…is his number one priority.

Law #3: A Scout is Helpful.

A Scout holds the door when you go in and out of buildings. He helps you in and out of the car. He goes out of the way to help total strangers who seem lost or helpless.  

Law #4: A Scout is Friendly.

A Scout is a friend to all. He doesn't have to be the life of every party. In fact, it's probably better that he isn't -- friendly don't mean flirty. But he's always willing to have a conversation with the guy at the dry cleaner about their favorite sports team and he can remember the name of his waitress. He respects people.

Law #5: A Scout is Courteous.

A Scout is always polite. Even when he's reunited with his college gang, he still remembers to mind his Ps & Qs, and doesn't turn everything and everyone he knows into the butt of his joke just to get a laugh. 

Law #6: A Scout is Kind.

A Scout knows there is strength in being gentle. Babies and puppies make him smile. He has kind things to say about his mom -- even when it isn't her birthday or Mother's Day. And he never makes you sleep in the wet spot.

Law #7: A Scout is Obedient.

A Scout follows the rules. This may be the only Boy Scout law that can't be bent (or broken.) If asked politely, your scout should be willing to get naughty all over you. But even then, he's following directions.

Law #8: A Scout is Cheerful.

Who doesn't want a man who makes you laugh? But it takes a real Scout to make you laugh when you're at worst. When everything in your world is completely out of control and there's no way out of a sticky situation just by telling you that no matter what happens  you'll always have each other.

Law #9: A Scout is Thrifty.

A Scout knows the value of a dollar. No one gets points for being cheap, but a Scout knows that a woman works hard for her money. And he won't waste her time.  He saves for the future and makes sure he can provide for his family.

Law #10: A Scout is Brave.

A Scout doesn't just kill the spiders. He's willing to stare them down and chase them into your pantry in order to trap them in Tupperware, and carry them outside the front door where he makes sure they are released back into the wild. That's the way a real Scout does it, so that he can rescue you from danger at the same time as he's not breaking Boy Scout Law #6. (See above.) 

Law #11: A Scout is Clean.

Benjamin Franklin said cleanliness is a virtue. And there is no reason you should be dating a guy who lives in squalor surrounded by his buds, a bathroom science experiment, empty beer bottles and old pizza cartons. A Scout knows that taking pride in his cleanliness will develop his attention to detail, a work ethic, and self-confidence.  

Law #12: A Scout is Reverent.
A Scout worships you. He doesn't mock you and your friends behind your back. And his higher power isn't a member of the LA Lakers starting line-up. Enough said.

Friday, April 27, 2012

I Want Your Sex!

There's a new reality show on Lifetime TV called "Seven Days Of Sex" that challenges married couples to have sex seven days a week. And what's the punch line? There isn't one. Let's face it, keeping the spark going in a long-term relationship is tough. But when you start to lose the sexual component of your marriage, you start to lose out on communication and intimacy that you normally take for granted.Tempers get short. People say things they don't necessarily mean.

Sex is a crucial part of a good marriage, but when the sex is obligatory…can it still be good? Seriously! 

Check out the website that features some clips from the new show. Real life couples facing real life decisions about sex. Are you going to watch? Would you want to be on the show?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Are You Ready For A Wet® Fiesta?

We're getting ready to celebrate Cinco de Mayo here at Wet. And while we were out stocking up on tequila and tortilla chips, we got to thinking that this might be a great time to spice things up a little in your sex life too.

So we've filled up a fun basket of Wet's warming lubes . You'll get to try the hybrid lube, Wet® Synergy™.  New LiquiSatisfaction™ Technology delivers a soothing cushion of gel that transforms into a silky layer of liquid lubrication. There's also some Wet® Warming™ Lubricant in the basket. It will help you turn up the heat on your sex life. And you'll also get to try Wet® Fun Flavors® 4-in-1 Lubricant. It's a delicious treat between the sheets.

Find out the details of how to enter the giveaway below and make your Cinco de Mayo the hottest ever. We’ve got you covered…with Wet lube.

X Marks The Spot

Eureka! The elusive G-spot has been found.

Dr. Adam Ostrzenski, of the Institute of Gynecology, Inc. says he has discovered the famed of delicious orgasmic pleasure. It is very small. He has identified the spot as a region of tissue about a third of an inch long and one-tenth of an inch wide on the front of the vaginal wall.

"It's a grape-like structure," Ostrzenski says. "Nothing else looks similar." The tissue that Ostrzenski claims to have found was within a sac of protective tissue. When he removed the tissue for examination, it expanded in size.

"When you remove it, it extends like an accordion," he said, likely because the structure is composed of erectile tissue.  

While Ostrzenski may be ready to hoist a flag and lay claim to the G-spot, other researchers still say after years of research they haven't been able to locate the elusive spot of pleasure. They doubt the existence of the G-spot.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How To Look Good Naked

It's true. We don't all look like Giselle Budchen when we take our clothes off…but that doesn't mean that you aren't just as sexy.  There isn't a heterosexual man alive who's going to point and laugh at your love handles when you get naked in front of him. If fact, he'll probably be too excited to do much more than move the show along as fast as possible. But if you'd like to be naked for an extended period of time with your partner, here's a few tips that will make you look as sexy as you feel.

1. Drink water. The best moisturizer for your skin is to hydrate your body. You need to drink clean, fresh water every day.

2. Exfoliate.  Carrying around a lot of dead, dry skin cells is not going to allow your skin to have the silky glow that makes you feel sexy. Exfoliate and take a long, hot shower.

3. Moisturize. Make sure you attend to all of your skin -- from top to bottom -- even your toes.

4. Style yourself. Just because you're not "going out" in public doesn't mean that you shouldn't style your hair and do your make-up. There's nothing less sexy than bed head and dark circles under your eyes. Put on a sexy face.

5 Do the Big Shave. Have you been letting your personal grooming habits go over the winter months? If you're going to get naked in front of someone else, then you'd better check to see if you have unwanted body hair. Get groomed!

6. To Tan Or Not To Tan. Some people feel that a little tan (whether from the sun or out of a bottle) makes them feel a little more sexy. On the other hand, redheads prefer to keep their alabaster skin hidden from the sun. It makes them feel sexy. Decide your preference and get a tan. Or not.

7. Get a mani/pedi. It's the little things that matter most of all. Make sure that you finish your look right down to the tips by getting your nails done in a color that makes you feel like a sex goddess.

8. Heels. Just because you're getting naked doesn't mean you can't accessorize. A feather boa, a pearl necklace or best of all…your favorite heels. 

9. Mood lighting. No one looks good in the grey-green overhead lighting of a department store.  That's why they pay lighting designers millions of dollars to make movie stars look good naked. Try getting naked in candlelight or moonlight for a gentle glow. Or if you're daring, you can find pink light bulbs that will give your skin a rosy glow.

10. One More Thing. What is the one thing that a sexy woman has that we all can't help but admire? Confidence. If it was sold at the perfume counter, you know that we'd all have a bottle on your dresser. Just because you can't buy it, doesn't mean you can't have it. Find out what makes you feel confident and keep it in your mind as a mental picture.

Friday, April 20, 2012

This Is Your Brain. This Is Your Brain On Porn.

Watching porn seems like an activity that would stimulate your brain, doesn't it? But new research says that looking at erotic films may actually make a part of the brain that processes visual stimuli be less active

The brain can either be anxious or aroused,  Gert Holstege, a  researcher and uroneurologist at the University of Groningen Medical Center in the Netherlands says, but it can't be both. During orgasm, he found activity in brain regions associated with anxiety plummets. He says that may also explain why women who have high levels of anxiety often have low sexual desire.  

 It makes sense.  If you're using your eyes to scan for visual signs for danger, you rarely feel sexually aroused. To Holstege, the results of his research suggest that when the brain is focusing on sexual arousal it calms the part of the brain that processes the visuals in porn. And that's more important to female arousal. Read more about the story on Huffington

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sex & Laughter Go Together Like Mac & Cheese

Can you laugh during sex? It seems like it may be big taboo, but the truth is that laughter and sex make good (and kind of strange) bedfellows.

No. We're not joking! 

Laughter uses some of the same pathways in the brain that are used by orgasms. So it's a great way to get your mind open and ready for pleasure. It's also a great way to bond with a new partner. A little nervous laughter can lead to you both becoming a little less anxious about what might (or might not) be happening. And there is nothing that can bond a couple as quickly as an inside joke that only the two of you share.

Here's a few tips about having a few laughs between the sheets during your sex-capades.

During playful foreplay, you can make each other laugh by tickling sensitive areas.

When you're exploring each other's bodies for the first time, sexy giggles can be a big turn-on.

If you and your partner are used to laughing outside of the bedroom there should be no reason it shouldn't be a part of your relationship between the sheets.

Even nervous laughter can be used for good in the bedroom.  An outward expression of nerves could lead to you both feeling more comfortable in the bedroom.

Sharing laugh in bed after great sex is a wonderful way to create intimacy.

So, go ahead, get sexy and get funny!  But remember there are times that laughter can be harmful in the bedroom.  Make sure that you're both "in" on the joke and that one person doesn't feel like they're being laughed at.

Here's a few more tips about sex and laughter from an expert on Your

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Is Your Bedroom Ready For Hot Sex?

You've been living the single life for a while, and now that you've got your eye on a certain someone, you realized that while you may be ready for sex, your bedroom may not be ready to be the seduction palace of your dreams.

While your new romance is still in the flirtation stage is a good time to get ready for things to get intimate in the bedroom.  A "fung shui" interior design practice is to clear out a space for something new to fill it. So getting ready for a new sexual relationship is a great way to help facilitate a new intimacy.

There are few "dos" and "don'ts" that you should remember:

1. Do get rid of the piles of junk that you've got stacked in the corners of your room. File personal documents in your office. Fill some bags of old clothes and accessories to give to charity. 

2. Do consider buying new sheets, pillows and curtains for your bedroom. If you can't afford to buy new, have them professionally dry cleaned.

3. Don't sleep with the laundry.  When it comes out of the dryer, fold it and put it away in the closet. If it doesn't fit, it's time to sort out your closet. There's no reason to leave your laundry in a pile on your bed to snuggle with every night.

4. Do put away all of the photographs of your old boyfriends. And move your Grandma's photo from your nightstand to the top of your dresser.

5. Don't let your pet become a stand-in for a lover. Make sure they have a specific spot on the bed or a pillow in the room where they sleep. You shouldn't spoon with your cat or dog.

6. Don't sleep in your sister's old pajama bottoms and a Hansen T-shirt. Buy new sexy lingerie or a nightgown to sleep in even when you're alone.

7. Do make sure the room has candles that will scent the room, and lights that can be turned down to create a sexy mood.

8. Don't let the dust bunnies stay under the bed. Dust, sweep, mop and vacuum every surface in the room.

9. Do buy new condoms and lubrication. Check the expiration dates on the condoms you have just in case it's been longer than you think.

10. Don't leave your sex toys on your night stand. Sex toys and lubes need to be introduced to a new relationship. Create a place where you can store them within reach of the bed.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Stressed Over Taxes? No Worries. It's Spa Week!

Tax day is April 15, and every year people across the US rush to get their documents in order to meet that deadline. But this year, April 15 falls on a Sunday. And April 16 happens to be a Washington, D.C. holiday called Emancipation Day. So, taxpayers have until tomorrow, April 17, to get it done. Which is probably of little comfort to all of the frazzled, budget-minded number-crunchers who've left their tax preparation to the last minute, but there is hope on the horizon…

It's Spa Week!

An annual event being held this year from April 16 to 22, during spa week hundreds of spas, yoga and Pilates studios, fitness centers and other health and wellness locations in the US and Canada will offer up to three full-service spa treatments for $50. Many spas are located at hotel and resorts are also offering these specials.  Oh-la-la! Find out where you can sign up for your spa treatment today!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Would You Give Up Sex For Internet Access?

A recent survey from the Boston Consulting Group posed an intriguing question: "what would you trade for Internet access?" The results were really surprising. Twenty-one percent of the people who were surveyed said they would stop having sex to get Internet access. (Makes us wonder if those people were actually having sex regularly…)  Only slightly more shocking than the 21 percent of people who would give up sex are the 77 percent who said they'd give up chocolate for access to the Internet. We think you're hiding Hershey's bars in your top drawer at work. Just sayin'.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Clean Your Sex Life

It’s that time of year. The leaves are back on trees. The grass is turning green. The birds are building their nests and laying eggs. Everything seems to be moving on with life, but what about you and your partner?

Where are you going?

Spring is a great time of year to take a look at your own relationship and do a little sprucing up. No, we’re not talking about getting the dust bunnies out from under the bed, unless you haven’t been doing anything in that bed other than sleeping…than we are talking about that. We’re talking about cleaning up, dusting off and making new your relationship.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself:

Should I still be in this relationship? Winter is a time to hibernate. You want to hunker down, tuck under the covers and ignore all the problems until the weather gets warmer. Now that it’s spring, you can look around you and decide if your relationship is exactly where you want to be. If it isn’t, you need to make some changes. It’s time to ask some tough questions. Is my relationship fair and balanced? Am I getting all the support I need in return? Does this person make me feel good about myself? Do you feel like you can relax and be yourself around your partner? Make sure you can live with the honest answers to all of these questions.

When was the last time either one of us exercised? Find an exercise plan you can both agree on – and stick to it! Over the winter you discovered reruns of “Murder, She Wrote.” (Could there be anything more fun (and less sexy?) You’ve been substituting watching television for what was once your time at the gym. Find a time, place and activity you can both agree on – and then get to it. You’ll find out how much you both enjoy your friendship – which can deepen your intimacy.

What are you wearing to bed? Ditch the over-sized man pajamas. Are you still wearing warm tops and bottoms that you bought at Target when the weather turned colder in November? When the daffodils are in bloom, there’s no reason that you need to wear sexless pjs to bed. It’s time to open up your wallet and dust off your credit cards. Go shopping for something that will really curl his toes. A baby doll nightie. Something see-through? Maybe you should even consider a corset this year….anything goes.

When was the last time you washed the sheets? Buy new sheets for the bed.  If you have the budget, buy new pillow cases and accent pillows. Light and bright is so much better in the warmer months. It’s time to put the throw that grandma crocheted you for Christmas into the mothballs until fall.

When was the last time we had sex?
If you can’t remember, then it’s been too long…and if you can’t remember it.. it wasn’t memorable. It’s time to shake things up in the bedroom. Get back to making the earth move under your feet again. There are so many simple ways you can spice up your sex life. Start with trying something new – like introducing sex toys and flavored lube – and then challenge yourself to something even more daring like role playing games or public sex.

It’s time to stop hibernating. Take charge of your relationship and do a little spring cleaning. It’ll make you feel fresh and sexy.

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Should You Dip Your Pen In The Company Ink?

As the popularity of erotic books like Fifty Shades Of Grey are demonstrating, attitudes toward workplace sex and romance are changing.  84 percent of workers between the ages of 18-29 say they would have a romantic relationship with a co-worker, compared to just 36 percent of workers ages 30-46 and 29 percent of people age 47-66, according to a recent Workplace Options survey.

It sounds so romantic...and dirty. A secret affair that your co-workers don't know about. It’s so much more spontaneous than online dating, but dating a co-worker probably has more risks than dating a guy you’ve met online. So if you’ve both decided that you can’t hold back your lust for each other any longer, try to stop acting like horny teenagers in the office kitchen for a just few minutes and take the time to lay down some ground rules and plan for the future.

1.Know Your Office Policy
It’s hard to believe, but in the twenty-first century there are still companies who not only frown on employee fraternization --  it may be against company policy and grounds for dismissal. This may not be the best economic environment to put your career at risk for a sexual attraction that may or may not pay off as a long term investment.

2.Date On The Same Rung
Try to remember that Mad Men is a television show, not a role model for modern business behavior. Don't date a married person. Period. You shouldn’t be trying to seduce the big boss, and he shouldn’t be bouncing his secretary on his knee. These unbalanced relationships may be smokin’ hot for a short period of time, but are usually doomed to failure.

3.Absolutely No Office Nookie
Sure you probably both have fantasies about knocking everything off the conference room table and getting it on while your co-workers are busy as beavers working in the nearby cubicles, but this is one scenario that should never be acted out in reality. One or both of you could lose your jobs. And unemployment can add a complication to a new relationship that is difficult to ever overcome. And how will you explain your dismissal when you’re looking for work?

4.Plan For The Worst
Take a break from the sexual attraction you are feeling and put your thinking caps on – what will you do if this sexual attraction doesn’t go beyond a one night stand, a weekend affair or a month-long courtship? Plan ahead for what might and what might not happen. Be honest about your feelings.You owe it to yourself.

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Sex Is Like Pizza…

...Even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good. 

When you’re in a long-term relationship it’s difficult to keep your sex life as hot and spicy as it was when you were first dating and everything was fresh and new. You end up settling for “pizza” sex too often.

The truth is that sex is important for your physical health.  An article in Men’s Journal says that an orgasm a day will prolong your life. One doctor says it can add up to eight years to your life. Can you think of a better reason not to stop what you’re doing and have sex right now? 

You’re at work…you have to pick up the kids…you’ve got a headache…you have a list of errands to run…Life always seems to get in the way of your sex life. Sex with your partner isn’t always a priority.

When you’re in a committed relationship, the physical connection that is created during the act of sex is an important part of maintaining long-term intimacy, but sometimes it is difficult not to get into a routine that make sex feel robotic and as stale as day-old pizza. That’s why you need to make time for sex in your relationship, no matter how busy you are with work, children and family. Sex is important, and you need to set boundaries to make sure that you and your partner are making it a priority. 

Check out these nine tips from Psychology Today for keeping your long term sex life hot and healthy. And then make time for sex. You just might add a few years to  life.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Do You Want To Go Out Again, Sometime?

Want to hear something really depressing?

 It takes 20 minutes or less for most singles to decide if they want to see you again after the first date. That's right, you've got less than a half an hour to make someone you find attractive want to go out with you again...or else. Seems like a lot of pressure, doesn't it? Especially since we all know that a good relationship takes time to grow and develop.
"If they just kept talking and talking and talking about nothing interesting, I wouldn’t call them back," says one man.

"Definitely don’t want to meet someone on the first night and find out their family is crazy," another man says.

And study at the University of Texas says that the more attractive a man finds the woman, the more a man thinks she is interested in him, while women, on the other hand, often underestimate men’s desire for them.

In case you haven’t already noticed, dating is hard. So if you’ve made past the first date with someone new and you’re wondering what to do on the second date, we’ve got a few ideas for you.

The traditional “dinner and a movie” sounds like a good plan, but eating in a loud restaurant and watching a movie in a crowded theatre can be difficult places for conversation and intimacy to grow.  So here’s a few alternative ideas that will make a second date stress-free and fun for both of you.

1. Take a Cooking Class. Since the popularity of Bravo Network’s Top Chef, everyone wants to be able to cook like Julia Child. Cooking schools for at-home chefs are now available in most cities across the US.  You can also find classes at places like Sur La Table and Williams-Sonoma. Taking a class allows you to be creative and communicate together.

2. Take a ride on a Merry-Go-Round or Ferris Wheel. A second date is a great time to get in touch with your inner child at an amusement park or pier. You might even find yourself holding hands on the merry-go-round or stealing your first kiss at the top of the Ferris Wheel.

3. Go on a Wine Tasting. If you don’t live within driving distance of a winery, you can always find out the times of a wine tasting at your local wine bar. Learning about wines could become a passion that you both share if your dates blossom into a relationship.

4. Go to a Street Fair or Renaissance Faire.  You may think that you’re not the kind of person that would ever go to the Renaissance Faire, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. You can learn new things, try out new crafts and sample foods you’ve never thought you’d ever try – and you’ll be doing it together.

5. Go to a Sporting Event. This isn’t a good idea for a sports fan who will be so focused on the game that they’ll ignore their date. This is a great idea for two people who don’t know a lot about sports and want to discover something new together.

6. Go to a history or art museum. A great idea for a second date will challenge both of you to learn something new. And when you’re standing in front of your favorite painting, you can invade each other’s personal space and maybe steal the first kiss…or too.

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Have You Watered Your Lady Flower?

In a recent article on Glamour.comDr. Susan Kellogg, Director of Sexual Medicine at The Pelvic and Sexual Health Institute of Philadelphia says that moisturizing our lady bits is as important as moisturizing our face.
She says, “women have a tendency to think of these products [personal lubricants] as a last-ditch resort to avoid pain, and we blame ourselves because we "shouldn't need" to enhance vaginal wetness when you're with a partner. But really, they should be thinking about enhancing their comfort and pleasure and making it an even more positive experience.”
In fact, Wet® Platinum® Premium Lubricant is guaranteed never sticky. It’s also our longest lasting formula. It never dries so it leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized. The silky smooth 100% silicone formula is latex friendly and doctor recommended.
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Sunday, April 1, 2012