Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ten Pick-Up Lines For Girls To Hit On Guys

It’s tradition that men use really cheesy lines to pick up women in bars. But why let the guys have all the fun. You’re a modern woman, if you see a man that seems intriguing to you – you should go for it. You’ve worked up the courage, now all you need is the words. But you don’t seem to be able to come up with something really witty to say until hours after your intended target has left the building.

Here’s some pick-up lines for women to use on men in specific situations. They’re all adaptable for any use. Just remember, it’s not about what you say or how you say it – it’s just about starting a conversation.

 Have fun and be yourself!

For a woman who wants to be recognized for her magical arts:

1. Here I am! What were your other two wishes?

For a woman who knows exactly what she wants:

2. Hello. Are you taking any applications for a girlfriend?

For a woman who wants a man with a sense of humor:

3. Are you smoking? Oh, yes you are!

For a woman at the dog park:

4. That's a nice dog. Does it have a phone number?

For a woman who can’t say anything without a hint of sarcasm:

5. Do you believe in love at first sight, or do I have to walk by again?

For a woman who’s a classic:

6. I lost my phone number. Can I have yours?

For a woman who feels the earth move under her feet:

7. Was that an earthquake or did u just rock my world?

For a woman shopping in the cheese department in the grocery store:

8. You must be a magnet because I’m attracted to you.

For a woman who’s hitting on a guy in line to see “The Hunger Games”:

9. Are you a tribute? Because you look like you’ve got survival skills.

For a woman who’s hitting on a Mad Men fan:

10. I’m in the persuasion business. And frankly, I’m excited by your presentation.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

What’s In Your Naughty Easter Basket?

Think love is hoppin’ your way this Easter? We don’t want anything standing in the way of you and your love bunny.  So we’re getting you covered…with Wet lube.We’ve got a naughty Easter Basket filled with Wet Personal Lubricant products to giveaway to one lucky winner!

Is Zou Bisou Bisou The Sexiest Song Ever?

Last night on the Mad Men Season 5 premiere, Don Draper's wife got into full-on sex kitten mode, to serenade Don, in front of many friends and coworkers, at his 40th birthday party. 
 “Zou Bisou Bisou” is now a hot topic all over the Internet.  The sexy French lyrics are about openly declaring and displaying love, coming out from "the bushes" where "lovers glide stealthily" and feeling love "everywhere."Hmmm....

Women Attracted to Men With Strong Immune Systems

A new study published by researchers from Scotland’s Abertay University in the scientific journal Nature Communications says men with strong, healthy immune systems are the ones who seem more attractive to members of the opposite sex.

The study found that men perceived as weak were less attractive and that high testosterone levels correlated with strong immune system responses and attractive facial features, including facial hair and a strong jaw.

Researchers also found a link between testosterone, the immune system and the stress hormone cortisol.  Men with greater levels of the stress hormone cortisol, have less healthy immune systems and lower testosterone levels, which makes them less attractive to women. Read more about the study on

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Stop What You’re Doing And Have Sex!

Why not? Your sex life is not going to get any better if you don’t do it. Maybe it’s time to put some sizzle back into your lover’s lane. We’ve got some ideas about how you can turn up the heat on your love life.

Prioritize It!
Sex isn’t a treat that you get when all your other chores are done. Good sex needs to be a priority. So let the dishes set in the sink for one more hour. Let the laundry pile up in the basket and got slip into something a little more slinky and sexy. It’s time to make sex first on the list of things to do.

Schedule It!
Okay, yes. We agree. Scheduling sex takes all of the spontaneity out of it. But when you’re multi-tasking and responsible for work, school and home, you’re going to have to find a time that works for both of you. Especially if you don’t want to have sex alone. Communicate about when the best time would be for you both. Maybe sex at night doesn’t work for both of you, maybe you’ll have to be content with going to work with a smile on your face after sneaking in a little early morning nookie. (Lucky you!)

Anticipate It!
Once you’ve made plans to have sex at a specific time at a specific location with a specific person, then the fun begins. You can go shopping for a new something naughty. You can buy a bottle of wine. Gather some candles. Buy porn. And send some dirty text messages to your partner in crime. You’ll reconnect and communicate in ways that will make your intimate moments even hotter.

Make It Fun!
Sex shouldn’t be a chore. So why do you keep it on your mental "to do" list? Stop taking it so serious, and have some fun. Laugh a little. Or a lot. Relax and enjoy yourself.  These moments are special and should be savored and enjoyed. You won’t enjoy it if you’re thinking about your “to do.” Accept that sex is one of your top priorities and enjoy time with your partner.

Have It Your Way!
Want it dirty? Tell your partner. Want it sweet and affectionate? Tell your partner. Want a quickie? Tell your partner. Our sexual desire changes with our moods. One night we might want it with dirty talk. The next morning we might want it with sugar and spice and everything nice.  If you feel like you’ve gotten into a rut, a little conversation can go a long way towards getting the sex you want.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Is It All In Your Head?

video platform video management video solutions video player

The secret to releasing the mysterious female orgasm might be all locked up in women’s brains. New research suggests that the concept of female sexual dysfunction as a disease could be nothing more than a myth. READ MORE ON ABC NEWS.COM

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Ten Great Spring Date Ideas

Spring is here. The grass is green. The birds and the bees are doing it. Why aren’t you?

It’s the first day of spring and it’s time to come out of hibernation. For months you’ve been hanging around inside the house each night watching all the episodes of “Homeland” that you’ve got on your DVR. But now that it’s light out until eight o’clock at night in some corners of the world, isn’t it time to get out and get back into action.

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, spring is great time to jump start your dating life. Make a date and have some fun.  We’ve got some great Spring date ideas to get you out of your winter rut.

Grab coffee or wine at a sidewalk café. Okay, so you may have to bundle up, but the smells of spring in the air will make it worthwhile and you can take the pups and let them hang out under the table.

Go the local Farmers Market. Spring vegetables like asparagus and strawberries are already in season. Make a date to go shopping and then make a meal out of your purchases.

Bundle up for a beach walk. You’ll probably have to leave your string bikini at home, but even without sunscreen a beach walk is always romantic.

 Go on a hike. There are so many trails that are available for walks in your local area. Take a pair of binoculars to check out the birds that have returned from winter migration

 Plan a picnic. You can go elegant with cucumber sandwiches and petit fours or do it simple with PB&J and a couple of cans of Coors. Whichever way suits your style, make plans to get out and eat al fresco.

Follow your favorite food truck. Winter isn’t the time to stand in long lines to wait for delicious street food, but now that the weather is warmer there’s no reason you shouldn’t seek out your favorite food truck and place your order.

Plant a garden. What a great idea for a first date, symbolically planting the seeds of a relationship. You don’t have to have a little patch of grass of your own. You can plant herbs almost anywhere in a container garden.

Find a street festival or renaissance fair in your area. You’ll both have so much fun eating food and dancing to music by bands that you’ve never heard of before.

Go on a winery tour. No matter where you live there has to be a great little winery bottling the magic potion that makes every date a little more fun.

Check out an outdoor movie. Ok, so in some parts of the world it may be too early to sit outside in the dark, but you can turn you own backyard into a movie theatre and show classics on the side of your garage. The benefit will be snuggling in the dark in order to stay warm.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Eight Role Playing Ideas For The Bedroom & Beyond

Have you ever thought that if you were Angeline Jolie and Brad Pitt you’d be having fantastic sex right now? Maybe you’re thinking that it would be awesome to have sex in a hotel with a mysterious stranger? Maybe you’d like to fulfill your fantasies about having sex outdoors.
You can do all of these things…and create more intimacy between you and your partner with role playing. It’s a great way to spice up your sex life and fulfill fantasies that you never thought could come true.The best part about role playing is that you get to be anyone you want, and that usually means that inhibitions slowly disappear. And that’s when the party really gets started.
If you and your partner haven’t played these kind of games before (and neither one of you is a classically-trained Shakespearian actor) start off with something simple with roles that are familiar to you both. And if you and your partner haven’t been together long enough to know each other inside and out, you probably want to rethink dressing up in a giant bunny suit and begging to be spanked.
Here are a few ideas for role-playing sex games for beginners:

Princess Leia and Jabba The Hut
Did you ever see the episode of “Friends” where Rachel wears the metal bikini worn by Carrie Fisher in the second movie of the original “Star Wars” trilogy in order to make Ross’ fantasies come true. There are a lot of fanboys out there that would like to play Jabba the Hut to your Princess Leia. In the movie imprisoned Leia, kept in place by a chain held by Jabba until she finally turned the tables on him. You can even use the soundtrack for inspiration.

Candy Striper and Hospital Patient
Candy stripers make hospital visits pleasant by eating with, reading to, assisting and making special, risque performances for hospital patients. We’re kidding, of course. But if you’d like to have all of your needs tending to and your temperature checked, this fantasy is the perfect one for you.

Cold War Spies
Have you been watching “Casablanca” again and dreaming of exchanging steamy kisses like star-crossed lovers Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. Open on a bottle of wine and decide your backstory, and then dress up in your favorite forties clothes and turn back the clock.

Conventioneer and Hooker
Make plans to meet at a local dive bar as strangers. You can dress the parts. He can wear a rumpled suit and “Hello. My name is…” badge and she can dress as slutty as she dares. The sexual tension will mount as you negotiate payment for activities that will be performed later in the privacy of your own home. Or you can even go as far as to get a hotel room.

She dresses up in his clothes – suit, tie and Fedora. He puts on her clothes --  bustier, thong panties and maybe even a garter and hose. Will you also swap sexual roles? You can decide how far to go with this game. Make sure to set boundaries about where you want to go before you get started.

Lonely Housewife and the HVAC Technician
It may be a little cliché, but that’s only because this one works like a charm. There’s nothing worse than being without power, especially when you’re all alone. You’ll feel the electricity being turned on by the sexy repairman who stops by to fix everything that needs to be fixed – and then some.

Job Seeker and HR Executive
In this role you won’t get in trouble for sexual harassment, in fact it’s encouraged. One of you will have all the power, and the other will have to do what the other one says, or else risk not getting the job. And let’s face it, there are no bad jobs!

Handsome Hitchhiker and Lonesome Trucker
You can decide who gets to play which role – whether you want to be plucked from the streets or be the one behind the wheel and in control. No matter what, we know for sure that this fantasy will probably end up with some action in the backseat.

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Seven Ways To Steam Up Your Sex Life

One: Do A Little Dance
In the words of Henry KC and the Sunshine Band, “Do a little dance. Make a little love. Get down tonight, baby! Get down tonight!” There is nothing that will get you both in the mood faster than relaxing to some of your favorite tunes. Every couple has their song. Find out what song makes you both get into the groove and play it. Play it loud. Laugh and enjoy!
Two: Poetry Jam
John Lennon said it best. “All you need is love. Love is all you need.” When it is spoken out-loud it makes it all that much more powerful. Or send your love in a letter. You don’t have to put a stamp on it. You can deliver it by hand, but just make sure that your loved one has time alone to take in all that you have to say. You’ll never regret saying too much.
Three: Your Kodak Moment
There’s a reason why all of the high school kids are texting naughty photos to each other. It’s good, clean dirty fun. So snap a scintillating and revealing photo and send it to your partner. You may need to use some discretion so that a dirty picture doesn’t arrive just as he’s giving a big presentation to his boss.
Four: Ohm, Ohm, Ohm..Migod I’m So Relaxed
You make endless lists of things to do, at work, at home and even when you play. It’s time to let it all go and do something for pure relaxation. Choose whatever you enjoy the most -- Yoga, Tai Chi, or couples massages. Just  make sure that you do nothing else but relax.
Five:  Light My Fire
When you want to set the mood for sex, you want to make sure that you are feeding all of your senses. Light some candles, burn incense or share potpourri.  Use Inttimo by WetAromatherapy Massage & Bath Oils on your skin and in your bath water.
Six: I Feel Pretty
It’s hard to light his fire when you’re wearing his old T-shirt and a pair of clown pants pajama bottoms. Maybe it’s time to spend the extra effort to glam things up a little. Maybe a babydoll nightie or a plunging nightgown? Or get dirty with a corset and thong? Whatever it is just be sure that it’s special and out of the ordinary.
Seven: The Nitty and The Gritty
It’s not sexy, but sometimes you have to schedule your intimate moments together. Making the time to be together is better than not making the time. So get a babysitter, lock the bedroom door and be there at the agreed upon time and be ready to get some good lovin’. Be active and initiate passion. There’s nothing better than being loved and being wanted in return.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

How Not To Be A March Madness Widow

It’s the Ides of March, and so it begins. It’s March Madness -- the annual college basketball tourney that sees men watching countless hours of television and the women in their lives wondering when it will all be over. You may not be into “bracketology” but we’ve got a few ideas to keep you going while the focus of your man’s world becomes college hoops.
1.Check out Pinterest:  It’s awesome! And it’s really all for girls. You can collect boards filled with shoes and boards filled with pics of Justin Timberlake, or boards full of your favorite foods. You might find yourself getting just as obsessed about Pinterest as your man is about basketball.
2. Read some guilty pleasures on your Kindle: Everyone’s been talking about 50 Shades Of Grey, a sex new novel that will jump start your libido. While your man is caught up in basketball, indulge your most romantic nature with some romance novels on your e-book reader. No one will know what kind of smut you have hidden between the plain covers and once the basketball is over for the day, you’ll be ready for a little one-on-one action with your mate.
3. Plan a tea party: Round up all of your girlfriends (most of whom will probably also be basketball widows during the month of March) and invite them to have tea and girl talk at a local restaurant. If you want to throw caution to the wind, you can plan your tea party for happy hour and drink wine instead of tea. For once you won’t for guilty for a night out with the girls.
4. Spend a bath & beauty day: With basketball on the television nearly ‘round the clock, you can almost plan on having the master bathroom all to yourself. Take a long bubble bath (with Inttimo by Wet massage & bail oils to soften your skin.) Give yourself a facial mask and an ex-foliating sugar scrub all over your body. Treat yourself and then maybe later you’ll feel like having a quickie in between games.
5. Catch The Madness:  Nothing is sexier than a woman who loves sports. If you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em. Fill out your own bracket. Pick a team to cheer for. And then make a bet on a game that both you and your partner could enjoy. There’s no reason you can’t watch the games in the privacy of your own home wearing nothing but socks.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Steak & A Blow Job Day!

March 14th, the day one month to the day after Valentine’s Day has been set aside as a special day for men – and aptly titled “Steak & A Blow Job Day.”
The idea is simple.  Valentine's Day with the cards, flowers and candy seems like a holiday for women. So it just seems fair that men have their own day of being appreciated. That’s how March 14th became Steak & A Blow Job Day. No cards or flowers needed, you simply give your partner what he really wants – a steak and a blow job. Not necessarily in that order.  Find out more about Steak & ABlow Job Day and play the game on Facebook on the official website.
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Monday, March 12, 2012

Five Tips For A Sexy At-Home Massage

You’d like to go to a luxury spa for the weekend and indulge in a $500 couples massage followed by a shopping spree. He’d like to go to the massage parlor next to the adult bookstore in town and get himself a “happy endings” massage.

How can all of your needs be met?

Maybe it’s a good time to suggest an at-home massage. It’s a great way to save money and renew the intimacy that you feel together as a couple. All you need is a few things you probably already have around the house and some time alone together.

1.       Find A Sexy Spot
You don’t have to set up your at-home massage in the bedroom, but it is a very comfortable location, and its proximity to the bathroom will be nice for an after-massage soak in the tub. If you’re feeling adventurous you could set up some pillows in front of the fireplace in the family room and light a fire. Maybe you could pile on pillows on the daybed out on the screen porch. Or maybe you could use the lounge chairs next to the pool. Whatever location you choose make sure that it will be comfortable, quiet, and free of distractions.

2.       Set The Scene
You love going to a luxury spa because it is filled with things that are meant to help you relax and find bliss. Once you’ve selected a location for your massage, you’ll need a comfortable place to lie down. Then you’ll need to fill the area with pillows, candles and incense.  Pull the curtains closed to create a quiet cave, or open the drapes, so that you can have a view of your private gardens.  Open a bottle of wine and set two glasses on a table nearby with some chocolates and hors d’oeurves.

3.       Set The Mood
Fill the room with the relaxing sounds of music. You can make a playlist of your favorite tunes on your iPod, or download some relaxing chants or Far Eastern music to play in the background. Something that is gentle and soothing is the best choice. Your musical choice could also be a reflection of the location you’ve chosen for your at-home massage.

4.       Break Out The Oil
To heighten the sensual mood, you’ll need a body or massage oil to go with your massage.  Inttimo by Wet massage and bath oils will heighten your pleasure through aromatherapy. Whether massaged into the skin, sprinkled in your bath water, or used to pamper every inch of your body... Inttimo Aromatherapy Oil will balance your mind, body, and spirit.

5.       Focus On One Area
Even though you’ll probably have access to your partner’s entire naked body, don’t feel like you have to give them a full body massage. It can be time consuming and if you’re not a professional massage therapist, you’ll want to save some of your energy for other intimate activities. Put your focus on one area that will reduce stress – the shoulders, back and upper arms – or lower legs and feet. Rub your partner’s muscles gently. Try not to pinch or beat their flesh (unless they insist.) The intimate act of touching will be enough pleasure that your partner will find bliss. And when you’re done, make sure that you switch places so you both can enjoy a little time of relaxation.

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Feelin’ Lucky?

Think you’ve got the lucky of the Irish when it comes to love this St. Patrick’s Day? Then we don’t want anything standing in your way on the road to romance. We’ve got you covered…with Wet lube.

Just in time for the luckiest of all holidays, we’ve got a gift basket of Wet Personal Lubricants to giveaway to one lucky winner.

One winner will be selected at random from the contest entries to win a Sexy St. Patrick’s Day gift basket filled with a variety of Wet Personal Lubricants.

If that doesn’t make your Leprechaun do a little jig, we don’t know what will!

Get lucky and get lube!

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How To Survive 'Spring'ing Forward

It’s that time of year. Just when you’ve gotten your body clock used to getting up in time for work – you have to push your clock forward in order to catch up with Daylight Savings Time.

And all for what?

You’ve never actually understood the appeal of Daylight Savings Time. Me neither. But I’ve heard rumors that the switch in time prevents accidents and makes farmers in Indiana happy.

There are many reasons why Daylight Savings Time should make you happy. It is a sign that the winter season is over and the warmth of spring and summer are just around the corner. It also means that it will stay light later out at night, so you’ll feel more like running errands and exercising after work.

But what about the dark and dreary morning hours? Here’s why you should be happy about Daylight Savings Time from the

And for those of you who are dreading turning back your clocks on Saturday night, here are a few ideas to survive Daylight Savings Time from the CBC

If nothing else, it’s a good excuse to go to bed a little earlier. And take some wet lube with you…you never know what might happen.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

‘Dirty Dancing’ Tops Wet® Survey Of Hottest Movie Hookups

In a recent Wet® Survey about movies and hot hookups, “Dirty Dancing” took the top prize as the movie with the hottest hookup scene.

Are you surprised a PG-13 scene was voted number one by Wet® fans?
Set in the 1960s, “Dirty Dancing” tells the story of a young Jewish woman nicknamed “Baby” who falls in love with a dance teacher while spending a summer at an Adirondacks Mountain resort with her wealthy family.  Released in 1978, the romantic dance film has become a classic (and is a personal favorite), but I have to admit I was surprised that it beat out the Denise Richards-Neve Campbell lesbian scene in “Wild Things” and a passion-filled rain-soaked Ryan Gosling in “The Notebook” to claim the top prize.

I do have a good idea why “Dirty Dancing” was voted number one. I think it has to do with wish fulfillment.

 I wish all the younger, smarter sisters everywhere who’ve been ignored by cute boys could get the chance to dance with, and ultimately be seduced by Patrick Swayze.  That’s what makes the sex scene in “Dirty Dancing” so hot. It’s all the hot dancing that leads up to the one night of bliss that they spend together. When he shows her how to “Cha-Cha”, we dare you not to squirm in your seat. When he dances, we dare you not to look.  “Dirty Dancing” is one of the most romantic movies of all time.
The truth is that “Dirty Dancing” was voted the hottest hook up by a wide margin.

32% of the Wet fans who took the survey voted for “Dirty Dancing.” It was the fan favorite by far over “Wild Things” which got 22% of the vote, and “Friends With Benefits” that was number one with 20% of fans. “The Notebook” (and a passion-filled rain-soaked Ryan Gosling) got only 16% of the vote and “The Black Swan” came in last place with 10% of the vote.

If you loved “Dirty Dancing” here’s a few more films that are romantic and hot that you just might want to check out on DVD.

1. Secretary
2. The Hunger
3. Risky Business
4. Ghost
5. Indecent Proposal
6. Titanic
7. LA Confidential
8. Last Tango in Paris

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Happy International Women’s Day!

Today’s the day to celebrate women’s accomplishments and advocate for gender equality. This month and today in particular, is a time to reflect on the incredible women in our world and all they’ve done. We need to look at how far we’ve come…and how far we still need to go!
 Did you know that in some countries, International Women’s Day is an official holiday? (Let’s move there!) Man or woman – or something in between -- no matter where you are in the world, make sure you some time today to celebrate women.  Here’s some ideas from the Washington Post about how to celebrate International Women’s Day 2012.
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