Friday, August 2, 2013

Make Time To Relax & Refresh This Summer!

It¹s summertime and the living is not always so easy. Your social calendar is full of weddings you absolutely must attend. You're trying to squeeze an extra hour of exercise and outdoor activities into each day while it's still light out until late. And your work load hasn't lightened up. In fact you're working extra to make up for time you took off over the summer holidays and to cover your co-workers' vacation schedules. If you don't slow down, summer is going to be over before you get a chance to enjoy it. Make a plan to spend the last month of summer putting the focus on relaxation. Establish a healthy routine that brings you peace and puts you on the road to bliss. We've got ideas to make all of your daily tasks more enjoyable. And then you'll be able to find the time for the things you really want to do…like have a lot of sex!

Ah, the perfect way to relax in the summer is to go to the spa. Take a friend and relax with a massage or a facial and just let your mind be blank for an entire day while you’re pampered by the professionals. Or if you stay at home for a do-it-yourself spa day, make sure you designate a quiet area in the house where you won’t be disturbed or distracted.

Leave the kids behind for a trip to the pool, because it’s not just any old hot summer day outing. Go to the pool with the intention of relaxing and unwinding. Bring a towel that’s fresh and fluffy out of the dryer. Lay it out on a pool chair and bask in the glorious sunshine. Close your eyes and let yourself fall asleep if you feel like it. Or nap in the shade if that’s what turns you on.

It's steamy hot outside, so why not make it just as hot inside when you relax at home with a steamy DVD. Find a sexy movie that turns you both on and a cool space to relax. As you watch, feed each other popsicles or chilled white wine. Kissing and nuzzling will soon lead to body massages. The next thing you know, you'll be teaching the people in the film you're watching a new move or two. 

You don't have to wait until you are in bed to unleash your sexual beast. Let your sexuality shine when you tell your lover that you're going to run errands…but you're not wearing any panties underneath your miniskirt. Or send some sexy texts to your significant other while you are away from each other with all the dirty details of what you plan to do to him when you're together again. 

After a night of sexual escapades make plans to have breakfast Al Fresco. You're already feeling relaxed after an evening of amorous activity, so put on a sexy robe and serve pancakes and orange juice outside on the patio. That maple syrup doesn't have to be limited for use on the pancake. There are plenty of other places you might want to try drizzling it. Then have him lick it off.

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