Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Best Marriage Proposal Ever?

Here at Wet International we love to talk about sex and intimacy. That's what we're all about -- making sure it stays wet longer! But we're also big fans of love and romance! And when we saw this epic wedding proposals, we couldn't look away.

Maybe it’s because it's summer. Maybe it's because of the joie de vivre that's on display by everyone involved in this proposal. Maybe it's Bruno Mars’s “Marry You,” or maybe it’s just because the groom convinced countless family members and friends to pitch in and help act out the song and lip-sync the lyrics as the bride watched from a moving car! This guy totally raised the bar for future grooms-to-be.

If you haven't already watched it, you've got to see it. It will make you believe in love and romance again.

Did your fiance propose in a unique way? Tell us how in the comments below!

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