Friday, May 11, 2012

What Mom Really Wants This Mother's Day

It's not easy to transition from being in "mommy mode" to being a "hot mama", but it's important for every woman to celebrate her sexuality.   Moms are constantly caring for other people. Spouses, children, and work always come before anything they want or need. It's easy for them to put their sexual desires on the back burner. Maybe this is the year that you avoid the overpriced and overbooked Mother's Day brunch buffet, and give her what she really wants, the opportunity to feel confidant and sexy . Indulge her in a night out or spend the night in and escape to your own room for some serious cuddling, while a babysitter tends to the kids.

Moms With Babies

Just getting out the front door in clothes that aren't covered in baby spit up can be a challenge for new moms.   An hour or two of "me" time to get a massage or grab a mani-pedi at a local salon can be a big deal for her, and it will go a long way to helping your super mom to feel super sexy.

Moms With Active Kids

Appointment sex may not sound ideal, but for carpool moms with active kids living at home, it may be an absolute necessity.  Set a time and place to have sex with the hot mom in your life, and then enjoy the anticipation of intimacy leading up to the time you've set aside to reconnect with each other. 

Moms With Grown Kids

Empty Nesters! The kids are out of the house, but who is this stranger you're living with?  It takes time to get to know your partner again without the distractions of children. Pour some wine, put on some sexy tunes and remind yourselves how important a good sex life is to a healthy relationship.  

Step-Moms, Bonus Moms & Cat Moms

You don't have to be a mom to step up and give your own sexual confidence a boost! Sign up for a pole dancing class where you can shake your groove thing. Or buy yourself an e-reader and fill it with lots of naughty titles that you can read anytime, anywhere without anyone knowing that you're one hot mama!

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