Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sexual Adventures are Better with Lube!


As a college girl, I’ve never really been a fan of having a bottle of lube in night stand. Somehow, I had it stuck in my head that pulling out lube in the heat of the moment would be a turn off. After all, getting wet is a natural bodily process - and admitting that your lubrication isn’t always up to par was kind of like admitting a biological defeat.

For a very long time, I was the kind of girl who could get wet just by brushing up against a hot guy at the bar. Then, after going on some allergy meds, my tropical paradise turned Sahara dry, and even my favorite vibrator produced barely more than a lick’s worth. As I started to journey into the lube section of the toy store, I realized there were many more options than met my little lube-virgin eyes. Suddenly, a world of possibility opened up, and I discovered all the many types and uses of lube!

Now that I’m happily off my allergy meds and my vagina is back to the flourishing jungle it once was, I still haven’t gotten rid of my lubricants. In fact, I’m still trying more and more, and finding more ways to use and love them! Whether you’re using it as an aid for dryness or a fun way to spice things up - there comes a time and a place in every gal’s sexscapades that a bottle of lube can come in handy! Here are some of my favorite reasons to reach for a bottle of lube - and why it is one sexy accessory that every girl should have in her naughty drawer!

Lube for Everyone!

Don’t be shy about reaching for lube if you’re needing a little extra glide, or just want to turn up the heat in the bedroom. Like me, you may be in your twenties, who thought that lube is for when you get older, have kids, and your parts aren’t working like they used to - but that’s not the case at all. There are a thousand reasons you may need a little extra lubrication. Maybe you are on a medication that dries up your sinuses, and guess what, your vagina too. Or maybe your partner is raring to go and it will take a few more minutes for you to catch up. Or maybe you’re just looking to try something new. Using lube doesn’t mean something is wrong with you, it just means you’ll get a little extra support, excitement, and stimulation when and where you need it. So lube up, let go, and start playing!

Flavored Lube

We usually think of lubricant as part of penetration, but lube doesn’t have to be on just your lady bits. Put it anywhere you want to be licked, sucked, and caressed - like your neckline, nipples, panty line, or other erogenous zones - to experiment with taste, touch, and sensation during foreplay. You’ll start to taste sweet and sexy, like an aphrodisiac was poured onto your body, waiting to be licked off and devoured. Your partner will be instantly attracted to the places you enjoy the most, and he won’t be able to stop himself from getting each and every flavor off of you. There’s nothing better than the sensation of your partner’s lips and tongue as they greedily search your body for more of your seductive, sweet taste. You’ll feel like you’re being served a-la-carte, like the most expensive desert at a 5-star restaurant in NYC, ready to be enjoyed in an erotic feast.

New Sensations

Lubricants with added sensation are a fabulous way to heat things up in the bedroom. Literally, they heat up or cool or tingle - they’re designed to. Regardless of your preference, they are designed to provide some extra stimulation and sensitivity that makes touch and sex feel even better. Lubricants with added sensation are designed to be used during sex but often, women find that having a warming or cooling sensation internally can be uncomfortable. Personally, I’d rather not feel like my vagina is a fire ant hill buy hey, some people are into it. If you cringe at the thought of warming or cooling, you can still use them externally on your clitoris, outer vaginal areas, or even on your nipples. Many arousal products can provide some extra stimulation and sensitivity, without being used internally. It is fun to experiment and switch things up with your partner - and sparking up a sensation storm is a very novel way to do it!

Big Toys and Big Men

Sometimes all the natural lubrication in the world isn’t going to get his fist and forearm of a penis into your delicate flower. The first time I ever reached for a bottle of lube was when I was faced with something that looked more like a toddler’s arm holding an apple than a penis. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Lubrication is the body’s natural response to arousal - and feeling wet actually makes you more aroused, which in turn makes your vagina expand. Just remember, the body has its limits. I don’t care how wet you think you are; your body is never naturally wet enough to prepare yourself for a freak of nature. Apply liberally to yourself and your partner before trying to fit a watermelon through a keyhole. Trust me, you and your vagina will thank lube in the morning.

Anal Adventures

If you’re diving into uncharted waters, you’re definitely going to want reach for lube, lube, and more lube!! The vagina is naturally self-lubricating, but the ass is not - so slather a hefty amount of lube on you and him or you and your toy, and keep applying it to both of you throughout your sexy time. Remember when you got your wisdom teeth out, and the doctor told you to take pain killers before you felt any pain? Yeah, it’s exactly like that. You want to be pro-active with your anal lubrication before your partner starts to feel like a painful #2. Lucky for anal lovers, there’s lubes made specifically for your back door adventures. Reach for a silicone-based lube, which tends be much smoother, long-lasting, and non-drying for the best results. Just be sure to lay down a towel refrain from using it with nice lingerie or silicone toys. Silicone can stain any material it comes in contact with (which means you’ll be throwing out that gorgeous chemise) and is known to melt silicone toys over time.

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