Friday, July 6, 2012

Ten Tips For A Successful Long Distance Relationship

Why would anyone sign up to be in a relationship with someone who is  geographically desirable? 

Sometimes it's just not up to you. Career, school and family are just a few of the factors that keep lovers whispering sweet nothings into phones instead of each other's ears. It's not easy to be a part. There are a lot of challenges to overcome. So if you're considering being in a long distance relationship, here are a few tips to consider before you make the commitment.

1. Make sure you both agree you are in a committed long distance relationship.
Set specific rules and make sure you both know the boundaries for social activities outside of your relationship. Make sure you and your partner know exactly where the line is before either of you cross it.

2. Try to communicate every day.
Use text messaging, phone calls, emails and Skype video chats to stay in touch and keep the emotional intimacy that brought you together in the first place going. Have phone sex. Get dirty with each other -- and enjoy the bond.

3. Have a shared hobby.
Watch a television show together. Read the same book. You can do these activities hundreds of miles apart and still be able to discuss and share them with each other. It's an invaluable connection between two lovers who are living separate lives.

4. Take advantage of the benefits of a long distance relationship.
There won't be any arguments over who didn't clean up after dinner. There will be no one to yell at when the toilet seat lid is left up. You can both enjoy traveling to see each other and discover new places in each of the cities you live in. Take the time to learn to be alone and enjoy your own company.

5. Talk about your future together.
It's most likely that you and your partner won't always live in separate places. Talk about the future when distance won't be a factor in your relationship and make plans.

6. Be trusting.
Encourage your partner to be social and interact with the people at their work and in their community. It's healthy and will make them happier.

7. Try not to be jealous.
Jealously is an ugly green monster that can poison a good relationship with unwanted drama. Being overly suspicious is not a desirable quality in a mate.

8. Be there for your partner.
You need to be sure to physically present to celebrate your partner's life achievements. You also need to make arrangements to be at their side if any health problems arise. 

9. Send and share gifts frequently.
Send each other small tokens of affection that remind each other of times when you were together. Share photos often. 

10. When you are together make sure to schedule time to be intimate.
Sex is a part of any health relationship. Make sure that you make plans to be together alone.