Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How To Throw A Sexy Pool Or Beach Party

What's the hottest ticket in Las Vegas this summer? The pool parties that are being thrown all over time. They're very exclusive and a whole lot of fun. It’s a place where you can do just about anything you want. 

So how do you bring the essence of Vegas into your pool party? We've got some ideas about how you can turn your pool party into the hottest ticket in town. Follow spot these easy tips to create a sexy pool party that will be fun for everyone.

Plan Ahead!
Make sure your pool is sparkling clean on the day of your party. If you're throwing a beach party, make sure that the beach where you are gathering is free of any debris. If you're not having the party at a private beach, you should also be aware of any unscheduled restrictions that might've been placed on the beach access. Tell your guests what the dress code is -- especially if there are any restrictions. And if you're planning on keeping the party going after dark, you may want to suggest they bring a cover up.

Have Food!
A beach or pool party seems like a perfect time for a barbeque. You can use a grill or better yet, if you're at the beach you can build a bonfire that'll be very romantic for after sunset twosomes. Ask your guests to bring a dish to pass so that you don't spend you whole day in the kitchen. Keep the menu light. Provide non-alcoholic beverages for your guests and keep plenty of ice and water on hand in case anyone gets overheated or dehydrated.

Play Games!
Everyone loves 'Marco Polo' and they know the rules. One person is selected to be "it" and keeps his eyes shut. Everyone else in the pool plays keep away from the designated person. He learns the location of others by shouting "Marco" whenever he surfaces. The others are required to shout "Polo".  The game requires a lot of underwater groping -- which can be a lot of fun. You might also set up a naughty Slip N' Slide on a patch of grass, and challenge your guests to an annual championship. A game of scantily-clad Twister could be very sexy too! Make sure there's music that everyone can enjoy.

Be Safe!
Make sure that you establish some basic safety rules about the water with your guests. Whether it's no running on the pool deck at home, or making sure that everyone who goes into the water at the beach has a buddy, you should make sure you put safety first. Make sure that you bring extra sunscreen, a first aid kit, plenty of towels and bug spray.

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  1. ...that's it? What's a pool party without WetLube? Hell, I'm swimming in some now! ;)