Monday, July 9, 2012

Does Hot Weather Make Your Sex Life Hotter?

Sex is more fun during a snow storm in front of a warm fire, isn't it? Or maybe you fantasize about one of those lazy days when it's raining outside and you've got nothing else to do, so you and your lover stay in bed and fool around.

The heat wave that's been keeping most parts of the country in triple digits is making it almost impossible to remember those cold winter days when you and your honey would snuggle beneath the sheets before getting it on -- just to warm up a little. 

So, now that it's hot, are you having more sex? You should be. And if you're not, we've got three good reasons why you should reconsider having sex when it's hotter than ever.

1. Fewer layers of clothes.
Let's face it, when it's hot outside, everyone starts wearing less clothes. This can be very intriguing. You can discover whole new parts of your lover's body that you never lusted after before. Maybe it's the back of her knee caps, or his belly button, less clothes makes it easier to discover parts that you've never gotten to before.

2. Sweat is sexy!
Who knew? Hot weather makes people perspire and when people perspire, they release their natural pheromones. Pheromones are natural sex signals said to elicit sexual responses and heighten arousal in both males and females. These naturally occurring substances are so powerful that we use them in lube to attract you to your mate. So don't worry if you're working up a sweat in the sunshine, your mate will probably find you even more attractive when you're sweating.

3. Get wet!
When it's hot outside, you're more likely to cool off in water. You can take a shower or bath at home. Or swim in a pool or dip your entire body into the cooling waters at an inland lake or at the seashore. Getting cool after you've been so hot will stimulate your senses and make you feel like you want to be more active. It's a great time to get sexy with your partner.

So tell us, is the hot weather making you more sexually active or less? We want to hear from you.

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  1. From personal experience I have a love hate relationship with the heat. I hate when I sleep alone and wake up sweating, messes my whole sleep schedule up. On the other hand I love when Its hot and my fiancee stays the night cause we end up sleeping naked and end up staying up all night, and all day. So all in all I say turn the heat up!