Thursday, July 12, 2012

What To Do When He's Not In The Mood

It's a misconception that men are always in the mood for sex. Women need flowers, candy and romance to get revved up for sex, but men seem always willing to go. But the modern world is full of distractions and disturbances, and sometimes guys are just not that into it.

If your man isn't as amped up for red hot lovin' as he used to be, you shouldn't jump to any conclusions. Just because he's not as interested as he once was doesn't mean that he isn't interested in you at all -- or that he's cheating -- it just means that something else has his attention. In the current economic climate his lack of interest may have more to do with worry about losing his job or if he's not currently employed, looking for work. A man's ability to provide a home for his family has everything to do with his self-worth, so there's many reasons why a guy could let his interest in sex slide a little.

So what can you do to get your man's mind back to the pleasure at hand? We've got some ideas that might steam up your bedroom on hot summer nights.

1. A tantalizing, slow strip tease
Men are visual creatures. He's going to find you very hard to resist when you're wearing nothing but a thong and a toe ring. Put on your favorite song (or better yet, put some of his favorite music on) and then remove your clothes slowly.

2. A deep passionate wet kiss
Remember what it was like the first time you kissed. You felt the tingle right down to your toes. Try to recreate that moment. Take your time and be very, very thorough. 

3. A massage
Isn't that how he seduces you when you're not in the mood. What's good for the goose can be just as good for the gander. Ask him to take off his shirt and get comfortable. Start at his shoulders and work your way down…

4. Speak kind and loving words
When you're feeling blue, doesn't it feel better to know that someone has your back. If your guy is not in the mood because of stress, you can relieve some of his tension by letting him know that you've got his back.

5. Make a meal of his favorite foods
Your mama always told you that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. And she wasn't lying. A meal of good foods is a great way to relax and unwind, and then you can offer yourself for dessert.

6. Touch his junk
Maybe it's time to the do the reach around. Approach him on the stairs and go for it. Let him know exactly what you want by putting your fingers all over, under and around it.

7. Masturbate in front of him
He's been begging for you to do this in front of him, so give him the pleasure of seeing you in ecstasy. He won't be able to turn you down.

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