Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sex & Laughter Go Together Like Mac & Cheese

Can you laugh during sex? It seems like it may be big taboo, but the truth is that laughter and sex make good (and kind of strange) bedfellows.

No. We're not joking! 

Laughter uses some of the same pathways in the brain that are used by orgasms. So it's a great way to get your mind open and ready for pleasure. It's also a great way to bond with a new partner. A little nervous laughter can lead to you both becoming a little less anxious about what might (or might not) be happening. And there is nothing that can bond a couple as quickly as an inside joke that only the two of you share.

Here's a few tips about having a few laughs between the sheets during your sex-capades.

During playful foreplay, you can make each other laugh by tickling sensitive areas.

When you're exploring each other's bodies for the first time, sexy giggles can be a big turn-on.

If you and your partner are used to laughing outside of the bedroom there should be no reason it shouldn't be a part of your relationship between the sheets.

Even nervous laughter can be used for good in the bedroom.  An outward expression of nerves could lead to you both feeling more comfortable in the bedroom.

Sharing laugh in bed after great sex is a wonderful way to create intimacy.

So, go ahead, get sexy and get funny!  But remember there are times that laughter can be harmful in the bedroom.  Make sure that you're both "in" on the joke and that one person doesn't feel like they're being laughed at.

Here's a few more tips about sex and laughter from an expert on Your

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