Wednesday, April 25, 2012

X Marks The Spot

Eureka! The elusive G-spot has been found.

Dr. Adam Ostrzenski, of the Institute of Gynecology, Inc. says he has discovered the famed of delicious orgasmic pleasure. It is very small. He has identified the spot as a region of tissue about a third of an inch long and one-tenth of an inch wide on the front of the vaginal wall.

"It's a grape-like structure," Ostrzenski says. "Nothing else looks similar." The tissue that Ostrzenski claims to have found was within a sac of protective tissue. When he removed the tissue for examination, it expanded in size.

"When you remove it, it extends like an accordion," he said, likely because the structure is composed of erectile tissue.  

While Ostrzenski may be ready to hoist a flag and lay claim to the G-spot, other researchers still say after years of research they haven't been able to locate the elusive spot of pleasure. They doubt the existence of the G-spot.

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