Monday, April 9, 2012

Should You Dip Your Pen In The Company Ink?

As the popularity of erotic books like Fifty Shades Of Grey are demonstrating, attitudes toward workplace sex and romance are changing.  84 percent of workers between the ages of 18-29 say they would have a romantic relationship with a co-worker, compared to just 36 percent of workers ages 30-46 and 29 percent of people age 47-66, according to a recent Workplace Options survey.

It sounds so romantic...and dirty. A secret affair that your co-workers don't know about. It’s so much more spontaneous than online dating, but dating a co-worker probably has more risks than dating a guy you’ve met online. So if you’ve both decided that you can’t hold back your lust for each other any longer, try to stop acting like horny teenagers in the office kitchen for a just few minutes and take the time to lay down some ground rules and plan for the future.

1.Know Your Office Policy
It’s hard to believe, but in the twenty-first century there are still companies who not only frown on employee fraternization --  it may be against company policy and grounds for dismissal. This may not be the best economic environment to put your career at risk for a sexual attraction that may or may not pay off as a long term investment.

2.Date On The Same Rung
Try to remember that Mad Men is a television show, not a role model for modern business behavior. Don't date a married person. Period. You shouldn’t be trying to seduce the big boss, and he shouldn’t be bouncing his secretary on his knee. These unbalanced relationships may be smokin’ hot for a short period of time, but are usually doomed to failure.

3.Absolutely No Office Nookie
Sure you probably both have fantasies about knocking everything off the conference room table and getting it on while your co-workers are busy as beavers working in the nearby cubicles, but this is one scenario that should never be acted out in reality. One or both of you could lose your jobs. And unemployment can add a complication to a new relationship that is difficult to ever overcome. And how will you explain your dismissal when you’re looking for work?

4.Plan For The Worst
Take a break from the sexual attraction you are feeling and put your thinking caps on – what will you do if this sexual attraction doesn’t go beyond a one night stand, a weekend affair or a month-long courtship? Plan ahead for what might and what might not happen. Be honest about your feelings.You owe it to yourself.

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