Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Weddings: How To Be The Perfect Plus One

If you're in your twenties, you're probably spending almost every weekend this summer going to someone's wedding. If it isn't one of your friends, then you're going to be going as someone's Plus One. 

Weddings can be great places to meet and socialize with people outside of your social circle. You might make a new friend or score a hot date, but before you turn down a wedding invitation, we've got some ideas about how you can turn a summer wedding invite into an opportunity for a hook up, or romance.

We've got a few dos and don'ts about being the perfect "Plus One" at a summer wedding.

Do Be Mr. Right Now
Your date might not be the woman of your dreams, but you probably aren't the man of her dreams either. That doesn't mean that you should fuss and fight all night. Find out what you have in common and share those things. You just never know, you might end up finding romance. Or it might be a hot hook up. Either way, be honest about what you both want out of the evening before you start drinking.

Do Bust A Move On The Dance Floor

Aunt Martha hasn't been asked out on the dance floor for years, why not make her night and ask her to dance? Dance with your date at least once. And make sure there isn't someone else who's pining to get out on the dance floor. Doing something nice for someone else, especially a total stranger, always pays back in dividends.

Don't Drink Like It's An Open Bar
…Even if it is. Not having close friends or family members at a social event isn't an invitation for bad behavior. Since the liquor tab is being picked up, there may be a long line at the bar. Make an effort to go and stand in line and get drinks for more than one person at your table. Why not? It makes you look like a hero.

Don't Forget To Thank The Host
Even if you don't know the family hosting the wedding. A few words of thanks and some thoughtful best wishes for the bride and groom are a nice way to make sure you are well-remembered.

Don't Be Late
Make sure that the bride is the last person down the aisle. If you're the guest of a guest, you want to make sure that you're not the reason that the nuptials are put on hold.

Do Network
Are you in the job market? There's no reason why you shouldn't take the name and email address of the bride's uncle who may be hiring in the future. Looking for a date? If there's someone you find attractive at the wedding, there's no reason you shouldn't

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