Friday, June 7, 2013

Should You Have A Summer Romance?

“Summer lovin’… had me a blast.” 

Ahh, yes! With the countdown to summer vacation in full effect, you can already taste poolside piña coladas and the lips of the sexy local that you’ll fall for this summer. 

As cliché as the “summer fling” is conceived to be, there are many of reasons why they work, and why they don't. A summer fling usually lasts longer than a one night stand, and it tends to be a little more romantic than "friends with benefits." So, should you have a "summer romance" this year?

We've put together a list of pros and cons of summer romance,. so you can decide for yourself and tell us in the comments below if you're going to indulge in a summer fling this year, or not. And why...

1. Gives you the opportunity to date someone outside of your social circle.
Maybe you've gotten into a rut and only date people who orbit in and around your social circle. Summer is the perfect time to break out of that rut and date someone just because they are geographically desirable. Who cares what they do for a living? It's all about if they're free on Friday night.

2. You won't have any emotional attachments.
Maybe you've just gotten out of a long term commitment. Now is the perfect time to let your emotions take a vacation while you do something that just feels so good.

3. Gives you a break from reality.
You can take a break from all the hats that you wear in your day-to-day life. This is especially important for single moms who don't have time for themselves. Instead of being a mom, this summer you can be a lover.

4. Be clear about what you want.
If you're just in it for the summer, make sure that everyone is clear what the rules are before you begin. That way there won't be any hurt feelings in the end.

5. Be bold.
Do something that challenges your comfort zone. If you usually wait for your partners to choose you, a summer fling is the perfect time for you to be bold and make some decisions.

1. You could complicate an already complicated relationship.
Getting involved in a summer fling just to make someone you're involved with back home jealous is not romantic at all.

2. You may be on opposite wavelengths; you want a fling and he wants commitment.
Be honest and be compassionate. Don't use someone just for your own needs.

3. Your fling could be married or committed.
Just because you feel like throwing caution to the wind, doesn't mean that you should cross the line into infidelity. Look before you leap.

4. Timing is everything.
You may be in the right place for a summer romance, both in spirit and in location -- but you may not find someone who is of like minds.

5. Your time could be better spent.
More daylight hours in the summertime makes us all more active and able to get more work done. Is there something else you should be doing this summer that might be more productive? Make sure that your summer romance isn't just a way to procrastinate from some hard work.
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