Friday, June 21, 2013

Six Tips To Feel Sexy At The Beach

It's the first day of summer. That means beach season has officially begun. Many people look forward to a day frolicking at the beach, but for others it's a day filled with horrors -- starting with putting on a bathing suit.

A day at the beach can be fun…and sexy. We've got some ideas about how you can feel so sexy at the beach that Giselle Budchen won't have anything on you!

Get A Bathing Suit That Fits
You don't have to wear a string bikini. In fact, you shouldn't wear one unless that's how you feel the most comfortable. Instead find a suit that fits -- both your body and your style. There are stores online where you can buy different sized tops and bottoms. Go vintage and show your curves off like a pin-up. Or go more athletic with a one piece suit that will allow you to play in the sand and the waves.

Be Confident
Being confident often means being prepared. That means that you should bring all the essentials for a day at the beach. Don't forget your sunscreen and a snack. Bring and extra towel or two -- hair accessories, bug spray and band-aids are a great idea. And you might want to bring some lube -- just in case. (Go with silicone-based because it doesn't break down in water.) Select a back pack or beach tote that's big enough to fit everything you need.

Wear A Hat
Let's face it. If you're going to spend a day getting in and out of the water, you're probably not going to be able to maintain a blow-dry style. There's no need to fuss. Plan on wearing a hat. It will help keep the sun off your face and make you feel chic and sexy.

Smell Good
There is nothing sexier than a tropical breeze. Make sure you smell like one by moisturizing with your favorite aromatherapy oils before you leave for the beach. Apply your SPF sunscreen at the beach. And reapply often.

Be Active
Don't spend the day baking like a cookie on an oven rack. Enjoy your time at the water. There are so many activities that you can't do anywhere else. Go for a hike along the shore. Swim and body surf in the waves. If the water is smooth, you can learn how to paddleboard. If you want to stay on dry land, then play volleyball or touch football.

Spend Some Time Alone
There is nothing sexier than a man or woman with a secret. So don't feel like you have to be the life of the party. Take some time to nap in the shade or read a book under an umbrella. Someone might be intrigued enough to come over and ask questions.

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