Tuesday, June 11, 2013

12 Top Spots For Sexy Summer Outdoor Lovin'

The temperatures are starting to sizzle and now that it's light out long after dinner, you've got to admit that you and your special someone are more active. With all that extra free time on your hands, it's no wonder your thoughts stray to getting sexy in the great outdoors.

For many people it's a big turn on. It can be a little risky because in some locations you risk getting caught, but it's a chance you just might want to take. We've got some great ideas for sizzling summer sex locations.

1. Your Backyard
If you've got privacy, why not try a sprinkler skinny-dip? Running naked through a sprinkler in your backyard is about as erotic (and fun)  as it gets.

2. In The Water
Send the kids off to Grandma's house and enjoy some quality time in your backyard pool or spa. No reason that you need to wear bathing suits.

3. The Car
It's not as easy as it sounds, but it will make you feel like you're back in high school again. Just be sure not to get a cramp or get arrested.

4. Inside A Tent
Sex in a tent can be romantic and sexy. You have to be adventurous and enjoy camping. And sometimes you have to enjoy Grizzly bears, sleeping on rocks, and food cooked over a campfire.

5. Up On The Roof
They write songs about getting freaky on the roof of buildings. If you live in a big city, you'll never wonder why. It's the closest you can get to having sex under the stars without camping (see above).

6. On A Screened Porch
It's the perfect place for first timers to try having sex in the great outdoors. Yes, you're out in the open, but you still have a roof over your head and so, technically, you're still indoors.

7. Five Yard Line
So many people fantasize about having sex in the stadium of their favorite sports team. Just remember if you choose to turn your fantasy into reality, watch out for security guards and sprinkler systems on timers.

8. Under A Waterfall
After a hike back to a remote and exotic location, there is no better way to celebrate. Ask a local tour guide for directions to a hidden waterfall.

9. On A Boat
On a small boat in the middle of the water you and your lover can enjoy a feeling of privacy like you can in few other places on earth. Why not indulge your passion and rock the boat?

10. On A Swing
That tire swing on your grandparent's farm that you used to fly on every summer as a child, could bring you all kinds of new joy as an adult. You just have to wait until everyone else is in bed and try to be quiet.

11. In A Dark Alley
This location is best when you're traveling to a seductive city like New Orleans or a small European village where the streets are narrow and not well traveled.

12. An Air Conditioned Room
When you're had your fill of having sex outdoors (if that's even possible), go home and have sex in front of the air conditioner. When the temperatures outside are in the triple digits outside, it is a blast!

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