Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine’s Day Lovers: Newlyweds

We’re counting down to Valentine’s Day with fourteen different kinds of lube for fourteen different kinds of Valentine’s Day lovers. Are you single this year for Valentine’s Day? Today we're celebrating newlyweds.
You just tied the knot, so go all out on your first Valentine’s Day as a married couple by splurging on Wet Together for couples.  The lubricant in the pink bottle (for her) is silicone-based .  The lubricant in the blue bottle (for him) is water-based. His warms. Hers tingles. She applies his to him. He applies hers to her. You’ll always feel a separate sensation and together you’ll make your first hitched Valentine’s Day a night to remember.

It doesn’t matter how you plan to spend Valentine's Day, the best way to set the mood is with one of Wet’s products. Depending on the type of Valentine's Day lover you are, we've got 14 different Valentine's Day lube recommendations. 

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