Monday, February 25, 2013

Make Plans For An Exotic Island Getaway

Are you struggling with symptoms of cabin fever that only mid-winter can bring on? Now is the perfect time to plan a spring break. How great would it be for you and your significant other to take a break and put the focus on yourselves and each other on a romantic island vacation. Spending some quality time together will improve your feelings of intimacy and lower stress is certain to help boost your sex drive.

Can't afford a spring break? You can always fantasize about an expensive island getaway. Take an Internet vacation when you find out about these spectacular (and expensive) island destinations. What kind of naughty plans would you and your partner had a pristine white-sand beach all to yourselves? 
We've got some ideas for destinations that might arose some sexy fantasies.

Seychelles Islands
An island nation spanning an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, over 900 miles off the west of mainland Africa and northeast of the island of Madagascar. This tropical island destination is the perfect spot if you truly want to getaway from it all. It been the destination for the glamorous vacations of the British Royal family and Paul McCartney.

In the Maldives, you won't exactly being staying on an island. On Cocoa Island your accommodations are out over the turquoise waters and connected by a boardwalk. Perfect for romantic getaways, activities include catamaran snorkeling trips, amazing scuba diving, fishing, and island hopping.

A privately-owned island sanctuary in the Caribbean for those who are tired of the usual holiday destinations. Mustique has 74 villas available to rent, and nine private beaches. An island destination for Queen Elizabeth II's sister's Princess Margaret. 

British Virgin Islands
The Guana Island Resort is a privately-owned island with 850 acres to explore and seven white-sand beaches for an average of about 30 guests. The island is rich with plants and animals, especially bird species, and snorkeling is possible on three reefs. 

British Columbia
A private island doesn’t always mean a trip to the tropics. The northern climate of the Sonora Resort in British Columbia combines 5-star spa accommodations with the beauty of the north. You can see grizzly bears, kayak in the sea or take a wilderness tour. At the end of the day, return to your suite to enjoy spectacular ocean views.

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