Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentine’s Day Lovers: First Timers

For a new twosome celebrating their first Valentine’s Day together (and maybe even getting intimate for the first time), it’s time for Wet Pheromone. You’ll have instant chemistry and after you and your lover enjoy the arousing scent of this water-based lubricant, you will be reminded of your first time together each time you smell the aroma. Wear a little dab as cologne to signal your lover that you are in the mood!

Pheromones are natural sex signals said to elicit sexual responses and heighten arousal in both males and females. With a subtle, alluring scent, this silky, water-based formula works with your body to enhance your natural pheromones. For him & for her both! Unleash a whole new level of subconscious attraction. It's pure chemistry! Wet® Pheromone™ Formula is latex friendly.

It doesn’t matter what you have planned to celebrate Cupid's Day, we've got  14 lube recommendations for Valentine's lovers. Get your sexy on!

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