Thursday, February 14, 2013

Make Last Minute Plans For Valentine's Day!

So, you've left your Valentine's Day planning to the last minute, huh? Whether you intended to or not, there's still time to let your significant other know how much you care.  If you did forget to make dinner reservations in advance, just know you're probably not alone. Many Valentine's Day lovers leave making plans until the very last minute. Single? Don't stay home and shave your legs on Valentine's Day. Call up the people you love and go out on the town and have fun! You never know who you might meet. Valentine's Day can be whatever you make it. So go ahead and flavor you Valentine's Day however you like it. Sweet, sexy or spicy…It's all up to you, and we've got ideas to make your Valentine's Day absolutely delicious this year.

Are you a new couple? Not sure if you're both ready for hot and heavy romance? Make a date for Valentine's Day fun instead! You don't have to go out for dinner, warm up your vocal chords and think outside the box. Karaoke is so crazy and silly fun that it can be absolutely charming. And warbling your way through a love song maybe the song she remembers you by forever and ever. It's a perfect beginning.

Never underestimate the power of a quickie. This Valentine’s Day give the gift of spontaneity by showing him you are still the exciting hottie you were when you first met. Meet him for lunch wearing nothing but a trench coat and stilettos. Pack a picnic lunch for romantic rendezvous in the most secluded spot you can find. It's a last minute gift will make him wish Valentine’s Day was every day!

Be brave and channel your inner sex goddess when you leave a trail of naughty lingerie from the front door to the boudoir where your lover will find you waiting for his attention in the nude or as close to as possible. You won't need to say one word.  Lay one on him as soon as he walks through the door. In the morning, you'll both enjoy retracing your naughty trail to sex. 

Take a field trip together to an "adult toy" store. Nothing says Spicy Valentine's Day like getting a present from a store that's all about sex! Take inspiration from "50 Shades of Grey" as you shop for fuzzy handcuffs, blindfolds, and silk scarves. Or check out the battery-operated devices, flavored lubes, and body paints. Just going out shopping for toys will make your Valentine's Day steamy, sultry, and sexy!

Maybe it's time for a haircut, no not the kind you get at a salon, we're talking about a little extra grooming "Down Under". Whether you do your own fun shave job, or go to the waxer for some South of the Border styling. Your close shave should say one thing: Surprise! How you reveal your new do is up to you. Maybe you can provide a preview during a private moment before dinner, or wrap yourself up in a red ribbon like the perfect gift.

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