Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Meet Guys The Old-Fashioned Way

Online dating: it seems like everybody’s doing it! Even your grandma has an online dating profile! It’s true. It's a great way to meet a large quantity of people, but it may not be the best way to meet “quality” people. You’re not sure you can face another meeting with a guy who’s obviously using a high school Spring Break weekend photo as his profile pic when you know he’s due to attend his 25th high school reunion this year.
Maybe it’s time to take a break from your computer screen and get out and date like the pioneers did it. The old-fashioned way…by meeting in public. Yes, it will require you to get out of your jammies and leave the comfort of the sofa in your living room, but if you meet someone nice, just imagine how much fun you’ll have sitting on that sofa with someone other than your cat.
1.       Volunteer

You don’t have to be a Big Brother or Big Sister (although, why not?) or spoon soup at a food pantry to pitch in and get social. You could volunteer to help register runners at a local 5k run. You could spend one Saturday a month at a local rescue shelter or barn. You could volunteer at a red carpet event – like a gala fundraiser – where the volunteers are given a ticket to the event as “payment” for your time and then there you are mingling with the stars, or at least you might find a single man or two who is willing to donate to help a good cause. What about a celebrity golf tournament.

2.       Take A Class

No, please don’t sign up for auto mechanics. We’re certain that you’ll only meet other single women who are also trying to meet guys. Try something daring like rock climbing, parasailing or trail bike riding. Or let your passion lead you to a class about wine tasting or photography. How great it would be if you met a new match and you both already had something in common!

3.       Go Golfing

Take a lesson, go to the driving range, or work on your short game on the putting green. Golf isn’t a game just for men (or Tigers) anymore. It is great exercise and a lot of fun on a sunny day. Put on something preppy and chic and get out there. No one is a good golfer. That’s the genius of the game. And you never know, you just might find a nice man willing to help you work on your swing.

4.       Learn to Play Tennis

You don’t have to join an expensive country club to learn how to play tennis. Most cities have public courts that are active and filled with weekend tennis players. And there’s usually a backboard where you can practice your forehand and serving techniques until you meet someone to who wants to play you to Love-Fifteen.

5.       Go To An Ice Rink

Here’s a secret about learning to ice skate when you’re an adult – they put the women who just want to learn to stand up on skates in the same class with the guys who want to learn how to play hockey. You’ll have to help each other skate from one side of the rink at the beginning but six weeks later you’ll be holding hands and going around the oval during public skate. And there’s hot chocolate in the snack bar while the Zamboni makes ice. What’s not to like?

6.       Have Breakfast At A Diner

Give up your seat at the coffee house down the street and see if you can find a seat at the counter of a local diner. You won’t find as many sensitive pony tail guys at the diner (unless that’s what you’re into – then you should stay in the hipster coffee house.) Find a place with a funky menu where you have to ask the cute guy three seats down from you to pass the salt & pepper for your egg, and jelly for your toast.

7.       Dog Park/Recreation Area

Take a walk! Grab a leash and your favorite pooch. It’s time to get outside and get some exercise. You’ll never know, the owner of an adorable Golden Retriever just might be your type. And soon you just might be taking walks for four. Don’t have a dog, then take your Kindle and head to the park for a little bit of reading on the grass. Don’t be mad when that Frisbee lands close to your seat, the guy who threw it just might be the one for you.

8.       Tourist Destinations

You don’t have to join an international travel group for singles to discover new landmarks and meet new people. Take yourself to the tourist spot near your home that you’ve been avoiding and you just might learn a thing or two about local history, and as a bonus you might meet someone nice. There’s usually a reason why tourists make these spots so popular – it can be a lot of fun.

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