Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Countdown To Valentine’s Day: 10 Couples For 10 Kinds Of Wet!

It’s the hottest holiday of the year for serious and not-so serious couples alike. For the next ten days, we’re counting down to Valentine’s Day with ten different kinds of lubricant for ten different kinds of Valentine’s Day couples. Today it’s all about long-time marrieds!

Valentine’s Day Couple #2: Long-Time Marrieds Want Wet Ecstasy

He still looks at you as if it was the first time even though you’ve been celebrating your marriage for many years. It’s time to get naughty this Valentine’s Day with Wet Ecstasy

Wet Ecstasy's aphrodisiac formula is available in both Water-Based and Silicone-Based and contains a hint of peppermint extract for an amazingly soothing, cooling sensation that will add to your pleasure. We’ve selected peppermint because it is commonly used in Aromatherapy to stimulate the brain and used topically to soothe skin. 

 It doesn’t matter if your cupid’s day date involves staying at home in front of a fire, or a weekend away at a four-star hotel, the best way to set the sexy mood with your partner is with one of Wet’s products. Depending on the type of pair you're in, be it newlyweds or long-time marrieds, we've got 10 different Valentine's Day lube recommendations. Get your sexy on!

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