Monday, September 17, 2012

Get Frisky And Fall In Love!

Summer may have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean it’s time for the winter blues to kick in.  Fall is one of the most exciting and beautiful times of the year.  It’s the season of sweaters, caramel apples, mulled wine, and football…players: what’s not to love? Fall is a great time for romantic adventures and intimate pleasures.  Seasonal cooking is always fun, and fall features flavors that create togetherness and companionship. So embrace the season with our sexy ideas for fall romance. Try these tips — and even as the air gets chilly — your love life will continue to be hotter than ever.

Go on color tour!
Watching leaves transform into brilliant displays of vibrant orange, yellow, and red is one of the best parts of autumn, but just driving through your neighborhood won't give you enough of a peek at the true beauty of the season. So hop in your car, pack some sandwiches for a picnic, and take a scenic drive through mountain passes and tree-lined back roads where you can get an awe-inspiring look at the true romance of fall.  

Are you ready for some football?
There’s truly is no cure for Sunday afternoons when your man wants to watch football, so the best solution is to join him! Get together a group of friends, and order pizza and beers. Even if you don’t know the difference between a touchdown and a home run, watching a game with a group is a great way to learn. And afterwards, your man may show his appreciation for your consideration in a really naughty and fun way. 

Make it fright night!
Halloween isn't until the end of October, but it's never too early to on a ghost tour of a local haunt. Or just stay home and turn off the lights, make some popcorn, and watch some scary movies.  It's an inexpensive night in that will make guys feel strong and protective, and allow women to snuggle even closer to their man.  Who knows where a little kissing in the dark might lead?

Go day tripping!
Take off to an apple cider mill and be sure to take part in all the fall activities! Go on a hayride, find a secluded spot in the corn maze to neck, and feed your sweet tooth with delicious fall treats like candy corn, doughnuts and cider.  It's a great place to let go and just have fun.  Make sure you bring home a pumpkin for carving.  Working on a creative fall project will bring you closer together. 

Feather your nest!
A change of seasons is a great time to make changes around the house and autumn is the perfect time for nesting.  Turn your bedroom into a sacred and sexy retreat. Banish overhead lighting and create a sensual mood with sconces and table lamps. Scented candles, and massage oils and will add to the exotic atmosphere.  And maybe it's time to pick out a new sex toy…or two. 

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