Monday, September 10, 2012

Fun Fall Date Ideas

It's the most wonderful time of the year! The days are warm and sunny and the nights are cool and crisp. It's a great time to start something new, like a new project, a new book, or a new relationship.
We've got some great ideas for you to get out and get dating with someone special. There's no reason why go out with someone new, we've got ideas for cheap dates too.  After you both have lots of fun, maybe then it'll be time to get frisky!

1. Football game   
High school, college or pro -- it doesn't matter. It's all about snuggling under a blanket together in the stands, and making out under them after the game.

2. Pumpkin carving
You can tell a lot about a person by the personality of their pumpkin. And the roasted seeds make a tasty treat that goes well with a glass of white wine.

3. Haunted Attraction
It's that time of year when people actually pay good money to be scared to death. Why not? Get going to the closet place you can find that's celebrating the zombie apocalypse.

4. State Fair
Nothing is as much fun as a funnel cake and 4-H. Throw in a little boot-scootin' boogie and you've got a night that's on the way to hot romance.

5. Hayride
It's the perfect way to slow things down a little bit and really get to know another person. Especially fun if you both leave your smartphones in the car and just take some time to get to know each other.

6. Color tour
Get in the car and head north -- or east or west. You can easily find out where the most scenic drives for fall color are located near you. Make a Google map and head out to really enjoy the season.

7. Apple cider mill
It's the real flavor of the season. You can count on some sweet kisses in between glasses of cider and bites of hot donuts.

8. Weenie roast
It's the perfect time of year for a bonfire. You'll have to cuddle close after dark and don't forget the s'mores!

9. Ghost hunt
A little Internet research will give you the location of "haunted" places in your area. Take a flashlight and go exploring to see if you can find paranormal activity followed by a little nookie.

10. Leaf pile jumping
You can have fun in your own backyard and enjoy feeling like a kid again.

11. Nature hike
There's no better way to really enjoy the colors that celebrate the change of the seasons.

12. Corn maze
You may have to look around to find a pumpkin farm or ranch that's hosting a corn maze. It's fun to get lost -- just the two of you together.

13. Dinner and a movie marathon
Crisp nights call for a fire in the fireplace, a glass of wine and some shared favorites in the DVD player.

14. Wine tasting and picnic
Pack a lunch and head out to the local wineries. Many wineries have free tasting flights, and if you take your lunch you can find a gorgeous corner of the winery to enjoy your lunch.

15. Harvest festival
What a great way to celebrate the season. You'll be able to walk, shop and eat together.

16. Farmers Market
After you gather up a bounty of fresh produce, you can have even more fun planning a meal together.

17. Oktoberfest
Raise your glass and stomp your feet. Fall is the perfect time to get out and celebrate. Maybe this year you'll learn how to polka.

18. The-AH-tre Season
September is traditionally the start of new plays in theatres.  Find out about the regional theatres near you -- or make plans to go see something special in a big city nearby.

19. Nest Shopping
You'll be spending more time indoors as the weather gets cooler in the coming months, now is the perfect time to go shopping for new pillows, towels and sheets.

20. After midnight moonlight sex
Before there's snow on the ground, and while the air is crisp -- you can still get down and get funky under a moonlight sky.

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