Thursday, June 21, 2012

25 Cheap Summer Dates

It's summertime and the living is easy…or so the song goes. The weather may be warmer and the days may be longer, but your wallet doesn't seem to have gotten any bigger.

No worries.

We've got some great ideas for 25 dates you can go on this summer that won't leave you short on cash.

1. Go to an outdoor movie.

2. Go on a walk in a park at dusk.

3. Go on an art gallery crawl that ends at a coffeehouse.

4. Go to a bookstore followed by a wine bar.

5. Go slow dancing in the moonlight in your own back yard.

6. Try out a new recipe at home.

7. Go to the library followed by the ice cream parlor.

8. Go to the ice cream store. (It's really a treat all by itself.)

9. Stay in one night and have dinner in bed.

10. Get up early and go the farmer's market followed by breakfast.

11. Drink wine and read poetry. The more wine you drink, the better the poetry gets.

12. Go to a bar for "mocktails." 

13. Go to the mall, not to shop, but to people watch.

14. Take a scenic drive through a wooded area or down a country road.

15. Check with your local museums to find out when admission is free.

16. Take a walk on the beach at sunset. Picnic optional.

17. Go to a pick-your-own farm and get your own fresh veggies followed by a fabulous feast.

18. Go stargarzing on a mountaintop or at your local planetarium.

19. Enjoy a game of naked Twister.

20. Hit the video arcade with a roll of quarters.

21. Find a fountain and take turns throwing pennies and making wishes.    
22. Buy one expensive dessert at a fancy schmancy bakery and share it.

23. Find your local go-kart track and go racing.

24. Go to see Shakespeare in the park -- or whatever is playing at your local outdoor theatre.

25. Have sex.

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