Monday, June 11, 2012

Should You Have A One Night Stand?

You're young (you don't have to be), single and independent. You're not interested in a relationship right now, but there is someone that you've just met who intrigues you enough to consider having a one night stand. Maybe you're at a business conference, traveling through Europe or at a party where you don't know many people. You've set off the sexual sparks with someone else and you know the relationship can't be sustained, but should you do it? Can you really have a "it's just sex" one night fling with someone you just met? If you're thinking of having very casual sex, here are a few things to consider.

Be Prepared
Make sure that you have everything in your purse that you might need for a sexy, fun evening. Your phone, your keys, a hair tie and a change of panties might be good ideas to carry with you. But the most important thing on your list of must-have is CONDOMS.  Under no circumstances should you have casual sex without a condom. And don't believe your friends when they tell you it makes you look trailer park to carry condoms in your purse. It's trailer park not to carry condoms in your purse if you're considering an evening of casual sex.

Have Back Up
Make sure that before you go off to a private location with someone you only know casually that they are also down with having a one night stand. Make that clear! Then before you disappear with your chosen one to a private location, make sure you get a second opinion about your one night stand from a friend. Make sure your friend knows your one night stand's name, exactly where the two of you are going, when you're coming back, and how to get a hold of you in case of an emergency. You can even ask your one night stand for his or her cellphone number to give your friend. Tell your friend not to be afraid to call it. 

Get Dirty
Have fun during your one night stand. You can do things and say things you might've felt too inhibited to do while you were in a relationship. On the other hand, make sure that you know what your boundaries are with your one night stand and don't feel any pressure to go beyond them.

Go Guilt-Free
Don't have any regrets about your actions the day after. (This is a good reason why you should talk yourself out of having a one night stand if you've been drinking heavily.) A hangover can only make the guilty feelings worse.  If you made your decision with a clear head and for good reasons, then when you start to feel yourself slipping into some self-defeating talk -- then you can stop and redirect your thoughts -- and instead tell yourself to enjoy the memories of one sexy fun evening.  

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