Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Five Sexy Ways To Celebrate Summer Solstice

Here comes the sun, doot-n-doo doot!

Hooray! Summer officially begins today. It will be the longest day of year in the Northern Hemisphere. In the afternoon, the North Pole will tilt directly toward the sun -- and the sun will reach its farthest distance from the earth's equator, marking the summer solstice.

Druids celebrated the summer solstice as the wedding of Heaven and Earth. The Goddess manifests as Mother Earth and God as Sun King. You can celebrate the start of summer by adapting some long-held traditions that could lead to some sexy summertime fun.

Honor The Sun
In yoga, there is a set of exercises known as the Sun Salutation or Salute to the Sun, but you don't have to practice yoga to honor the sun. Maybe you and your partner can stay up late and enjoy having sex as the sunsets -- past your bedtime in most parts of North America. Summer Solstice marks the longest day of the year -- and so you'll have extra time for love and romance.

Throw A Party With A Bonfire
 In countries like Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, summer solstice is called the day that never ends, and a bonfire is part of their celebration. Fire has always been a source of protection for human beings, scaring off the beings of the night, both real and magical. There is nothing more romantic than a summer campfire or bonfire on the beach. The sand between your toes, the stars overhead and a loving mate by your side, will all certainly add up to a very sex solstice.

Plan A Trip
There are locations around the globe where the summer solstice is still celebrated in a big way. One of them is Stonehenge in the UK. Stonehenge aligns with the sunrise on the solstice, making for a spectacular early morning show. There are also celebrations of the Summer Solstice in Sedona, Arizona and Cairo, Egypt. Maybe this year you and your partner should make plans to be somewhere romantic to celebrate next year's summer solstice.

Spend Time In The Garden
Herbs and flowers picked during the summer solstice were believed by people in medieval times to carry healing energy above and beyond any normal healing properties.  Summer is a great time to plant your own mini herb garden. You don't have to have a backyard, you can grow herbs in a pot on your balcony or kitchen window sill. Summer herbs add a taste of summer to all of your recipes. And some herbs are even said to possess aphrodisiac qualities -- that's a good reason to plant some spicy peppers.

Reflect On Your Life
Summer solstice marks the halfway point in the earth's orbit around the sun. It's a good time to reflect on your life goals and how you are doing at achieving them. A glass of wine and a plate of charcuterie are a good way for you and your partner to kick off an intimate discussion about what matters most to the two of you.  Deep understanding and communication will lead to better intimacy which is certain to rev up your sex life.

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