Monday, March 12, 2012

Five Tips For A Sexy At-Home Massage

You’d like to go to a luxury spa for the weekend and indulge in a $500 couples massage followed by a shopping spree. He’d like to go to the massage parlor next to the adult bookstore in town and get himself a “happy endings” massage.

How can all of your needs be met?

Maybe it’s a good time to suggest an at-home massage. It’s a great way to save money and renew the intimacy that you feel together as a couple. All you need is a few things you probably already have around the house and some time alone together.

1.       Find A Sexy Spot
You don’t have to set up your at-home massage in the bedroom, but it is a very comfortable location, and its proximity to the bathroom will be nice for an after-massage soak in the tub. If you’re feeling adventurous you could set up some pillows in front of the fireplace in the family room and light a fire. Maybe you could pile on pillows on the daybed out on the screen porch. Or maybe you could use the lounge chairs next to the pool. Whatever location you choose make sure that it will be comfortable, quiet, and free of distractions.

2.       Set The Scene
You love going to a luxury spa because it is filled with things that are meant to help you relax and find bliss. Once you’ve selected a location for your massage, you’ll need a comfortable place to lie down. Then you’ll need to fill the area with pillows, candles and incense.  Pull the curtains closed to create a quiet cave, or open the drapes, so that you can have a view of your private gardens.  Open a bottle of wine and set two glasses on a table nearby with some chocolates and hors d’oeurves.

3.       Set The Mood
Fill the room with the relaxing sounds of music. You can make a playlist of your favorite tunes on your iPod, or download some relaxing chants or Far Eastern music to play in the background. Something that is gentle and soothing is the best choice. Your musical choice could also be a reflection of the location you’ve chosen for your at-home massage.

4.       Break Out The Oil
To heighten the sensual mood, you’ll need a body or massage oil to go with your massage.  Inttimo by Wet massage and bath oils will heighten your pleasure through aromatherapy. Whether massaged into the skin, sprinkled in your bath water, or used to pamper every inch of your body... Inttimo Aromatherapy Oil will balance your mind, body, and spirit.

5.       Focus On One Area
Even though you’ll probably have access to your partner’s entire naked body, don’t feel like you have to give them a full body massage. It can be time consuming and if you’re not a professional massage therapist, you’ll want to save some of your energy for other intimate activities. Put your focus on one area that will reduce stress – the shoulders, back and upper arms – or lower legs and feet. Rub your partner’s muscles gently. Try not to pinch or beat their flesh (unless they insist.) The intimate act of touching will be enough pleasure that your partner will find bliss. And when you’re done, make sure that you switch places so you both can enjoy a little time of relaxation.

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