Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ten Great Spring Date Ideas

Spring is here. The grass is green. The birds and the bees are doing it. Why aren’t you?

It’s the first day of spring and it’s time to come out of hibernation. For months you’ve been hanging around inside the house each night watching all the episodes of “Homeland” that you’ve got on your DVR. But now that it’s light out until eight o’clock at night in some corners of the world, isn’t it time to get out and get back into action.

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, spring is great time to jump start your dating life. Make a date and have some fun.  We’ve got some great Spring date ideas to get you out of your winter rut.

Grab coffee or wine at a sidewalk café. Okay, so you may have to bundle up, but the smells of spring in the air will make it worthwhile and you can take the pups and let them hang out under the table.

Go the local Farmers Market. Spring vegetables like asparagus and strawberries are already in season. Make a date to go shopping and then make a meal out of your purchases.

Bundle up for a beach walk. You’ll probably have to leave your string bikini at home, but even without sunscreen a beach walk is always romantic.

 Go on a hike. There are so many trails that are available for walks in your local area. Take a pair of binoculars to check out the birds that have returned from winter migration

 Plan a picnic. You can go elegant with cucumber sandwiches and petit fours or do it simple with PB&J and a couple of cans of Coors. Whichever way suits your style, make plans to get out and eat al fresco.

Follow your favorite food truck. Winter isn’t the time to stand in long lines to wait for delicious street food, but now that the weather is warmer there’s no reason you shouldn’t seek out your favorite food truck and place your order.

Plant a garden. What a great idea for a first date, symbolically planting the seeds of a relationship. You don’t have to have a little patch of grass of your own. You can plant herbs almost anywhere in a container garden.

Find a street festival or renaissance fair in your area. You’ll both have so much fun eating food and dancing to music by bands that you’ve never heard of before.

Go on a winery tour. No matter where you live there has to be a great little winery bottling the magic potion that makes every date a little more fun.

Check out an outdoor movie. Ok, so in some parts of the world it may be too early to sit outside in the dark, but you can turn you own backyard into a movie theatre and show classics on the side of your garage. The benefit will be snuggling in the dark in order to stay warm.

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