Thursday, March 22, 2012

Stop What You’re Doing And Have Sex!

Why not? Your sex life is not going to get any better if you don’t do it. Maybe it’s time to put some sizzle back into your lover’s lane. We’ve got some ideas about how you can turn up the heat on your love life.

Prioritize It!
Sex isn’t a treat that you get when all your other chores are done. Good sex needs to be a priority. So let the dishes set in the sink for one more hour. Let the laundry pile up in the basket and got slip into something a little more slinky and sexy. It’s time to make sex first on the list of things to do.

Schedule It!
Okay, yes. We agree. Scheduling sex takes all of the spontaneity out of it. But when you’re multi-tasking and responsible for work, school and home, you’re going to have to find a time that works for both of you. Especially if you don’t want to have sex alone. Communicate about when the best time would be for you both. Maybe sex at night doesn’t work for both of you, maybe you’ll have to be content with going to work with a smile on your face after sneaking in a little early morning nookie. (Lucky you!)

Anticipate It!
Once you’ve made plans to have sex at a specific time at a specific location with a specific person, then the fun begins. You can go shopping for a new something naughty. You can buy a bottle of wine. Gather some candles. Buy porn. And send some dirty text messages to your partner in crime. You’ll reconnect and communicate in ways that will make your intimate moments even hotter.

Make It Fun!
Sex shouldn’t be a chore. So why do you keep it on your mental "to do" list? Stop taking it so serious, and have some fun. Laugh a little. Or a lot. Relax and enjoy yourself.  These moments are special and should be savored and enjoyed. You won’t enjoy it if you’re thinking about your “to do.” Accept that sex is one of your top priorities and enjoy time with your partner.

Have It Your Way!
Want it dirty? Tell your partner. Want it sweet and affectionate? Tell your partner. Want a quickie? Tell your partner. Our sexual desire changes with our moods. One night we might want it with dirty talk. The next morning we might want it with sugar and spice and everything nice.  If you feel like you’ve gotten into a rut, a little conversation can go a long way towards getting the sex you want.

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