Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sex Myths – Busted! Vaginal Dryness – It's A Problem Only For The Post-Menopausal, So Only Older Women Need Lubricants

Wrong and Busted! The belief that only post-menopausal women experience vaginal dryness is a misconception and it is important for younger women to be informed.  Vaginal dryness can occur at any age, for many reasons, and surely can be due to menopause as well.  Of course, we are partial to using lubrication during sex as it enhances sexual satisfaction no matter what the age.  But there are several important medical factors that can leave a woman needing the additional moisture.

1. Birth Control Pills – Women of all ages may be on the pill, and while a lucky few find the pill to be libido-enhancing, (most likely because the fear of getting pregnant is not on their mind and they are able to relax);  for others, taking a birth control pill can cause a drop in hormone levels that are responsible for lubrication causing vaginal dryness and in some cases painful sex.  Using lubrication on and around the vagina and on his penis will greatly enrich your experience.

2. Bike-Riding – Yeah, you know that great spin class you have that makes you lean forward? Seriously, for those who spend hours cycling: If your handle bars are too low and you find yourself leaning forward, putting too much weight on the pelvis can cause low blood supply to the vaginal area which may cut off the ability to orgasm! Don’t believe me? Click here to watch Dr. Lauren Streicher explain it all.

3. Sex After Hysterectomy – Although we hope you don’t need this procedure, if you do have to have a hysterectomy, from medical necessity, it is important to use a lubricant when having sex for the first time after this surgery.  It will make you and your partner much more comfortable and worry-free and isn’t that what great sex is all about? Leaving your worries at the door.

Wet Personal Lubricants are available in a variety of types from silicone-based, water-based, glycerin-free, and hybrids of all of these. If you have any of the medical issues above be sure to talk with your own doctor about them, but we recommend silicone-based Wet Platinum Premium Personal Lubricant for you.  It is our slickest, most long-lasting formula and it is silky smooth, doctor recommended, condom compatible and an FDA accepted medical device.  Also, it’s now kosher!  You're welcome!

by Lori S. Choi, Blogger for Wet Personal Lubricants

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