Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spice Up Your Cinco De Mayo Celebration!

Cinco de Mayo is fast becoming the Mexican version of St. Patrick's Day. On May 5th, party lovers everywhere gather to do too many rounds of tequila shots and fajitas. But does anyone have any idea what they're actually celebrating? The holiday was actually founded on May 5, 1862 to celebrate the Mexican army's defeat of a French force nearly twice their size, but now it's become the first serious party of spring. There's no reason to feel out of place on Cinco de Mayo, no matter what nationality you are. Go out with someone you love (or go out looking for someone to love) and celebrate. We've got a few ideas for getting into the espíritu de la celebración:

Have a fiesta! Invite your friends and their friends over to have a party. May 5 only comes once a year, so take full advantage by making as many connections as you can. Whether you're single and connecting with new friends, or attached and bonding with the one you love this is the perfect time of year to celebrate.

Don't want to have people over to your house? Check online to find a local festival where you can go and get into the spirit of the celebration. You'll be sure to enjoy some very tasty foods and tequila. It's the perfect escape from the stress of day-to-day life, and that might make things a lot spicier in the bedroom.

Learn the language of seduction! French may be the language of love, but Spanish is the language of seduction. If you want to spend time teaching yourself or your significant other a new way to say "I love you," learn a few new phrases. For a real challenge, try going the whole day speaking Spanish to each other -- remember to roll your R's!

Salsa, guacamole and corn tamales are the perfect reminder that many farmers' markets that were closed for the winter have reopened for the spring and are full of fresh produce. Shopping together for foods to make for dinner is a perfect first date. Don't forget to pick up some of your favorite spring aphrodisiacs -- like chocolate, cilantro and vanilla -- to help get you both in the mood for love.

Wanna horse around? It just so happens that Cinco de Mayo falls on the same day as 138th running of the Kentucky Derby this year. The foreplay is the key to "the most exciting two minutes in sports". So invite your friends over to sip mint juleps and sing "My Old Kentucky Home." The Derby really is exciting! You never know, you just might get so excited when you're watching that you'll want to keep all those endorphins going in the bedroom.

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