Monday, May 20, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Date Ideas

It's the first "unofficial" weekend of summer. You remember when you were in sixth grade it marked the beginning of the end. Only a week or two left before school was out for the summer and the fun would begin. 

Why not return to the thrills of your youth this weekend? Make a date to just have fun. Do something that puts you in touch with your "inner child" and take you back to a time when summer days were endless and casual Fridays were something only your dad participated in. 

We've got a few date night ideas to get your Memorial Day weekend off to a great start. 

1. Invite a friend or friends over for a BBQ. 
        Hotdogs, hamburgers and potato salad will be enough to get the party started. Maybe you can share a double dip ice cream cone for dessert. 

2. Spend a day at a botanical garden or arboretum.
        Lilacs and peonies are in full bloom this time of year and shouldn't be missed. Find a garden where you can lose yourself in the beauty of Mother Nature. 

3. Plan a nature hike.
       You know how to get to the hidden water fall, now call up a friend and take them there for the most romantic first kiss of all time. 

4. Outdoor movie screening.
       It's that time of year when you can go watch movies in your favorite park. It's a great way to share a laugh and a cuddle or two after dark. 

5. Learn a new sport.
      Now's the time to sign up for a class to learn a sport that you've always wanted to try -- but couldn't fit into your schedule. So you'll never be on the Olympic team, it doesn't mean it won't be fun. 

6. Go on a drive in the country.
      There's that one exit on your commute every day with the street name that beckons to you and makes you wonder what's out there. Now's the time to see it..and then some more. Get in the car and go. 

7. Follow a food truck. 
      Get your Twitter machine up and running and follow the location listed to the Food Truck that you've always wanted to try. There may even be a gathering of food trucks going on in your town. 

8. Take a train trip.
      Leave the driving to someone else and go off on a train trip to a tourist destination. Yes, it probably will be crowded (and fun) on Memorial Day, but if you take the train you won't have to worry about parking. 

9. Stay home 
      Catch up on the laundry, file paperwork in the home office, take a long afternoon nap, and then share a glass of wine with someone special in your own backyard. It all sounds too delicious for words. 

10. Sleep under the stars. 
      You don't have to go camping (but you could and it would be fun) to enjoy a night of star gazing with someone you admire. And don't forget to wish upon a shooting star. Your dreams just might come true. 

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