Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Let's Celebrate The Clitoris

Start celebrating! It's Clitoral Awareness Week!

Mention the word "clitoris" and some people get touchy -- and not in a good way.
May 6—12 has been designated as the first ever "International Clitoris Awareness Week" -- a seven-day period designed to celebrate the female body part. 

The organization sponsoring the awareness week is Clitoraid -- a Las Vegas-based group that is usually devoted to helping victims of female genital mutilation in places like Africa. But this week the organization wants to put the focus is on the fabulous clitoris, a female body part that just never gets its time in the spotlight. It's time now to let it be the star. Find out more about "Clitoris Awareness Week" on The

And while you're at it, you might want to learn everything you ever wanted to know about orgasms. It just might come in handy, so it speak, when you're celebrating the clitoris.

Have a safe and happy Clitoris Awareness Week!

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