Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valentine’s Day Couples: Live-in Lovers Have Fun Flavors® 4-In-1 Lube

When you're roommates with your partner, you know each other inside and out. Living together every day can turn into a routine and stop being fun. You need to make sure that your Valentine's Day is all about fun.
So this year even if your Valentine's Day is going to be a low-key affair, you can make it Va- -Va Voom with WET Fun Flavors®4-In-1 Stain-Free, Sugar-Free, Warming Massage Lotion and Lubricant All-In-One! Gently heats on contact and warms with motion…Blow on it, it gets warmer. Wet’s 4-In-1 Lubricant will make long winter nights fun! And it comes in five sizzling flavors --   Lick it, for a truly tasty sensation!  

It doesn’t matter you're planning to spend your Valentine's Day, the best way to set the mood is with one of Wet’s products. Depending on the type of Valentine's Day lovers you are, we've got 14 different lube recommendations. C’mon and get your sexy on!

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