Friday, January 18, 2013

Get Romantic On A Midwinter Holiday!

Many people will enjoy a three day weekend in January due to the federal holiday in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. It may be the middle of winter, but it's great time to get out there and try something new! There are so many ways you can volunteer to help the fight for equal rights for all Americans. Or you can just enjoy a romantic three-day weekend, and turn the extra day off into some much-needed quality time with your significant other. There's no better time for romance than when it's chilly outside.  No matter how you decide to spend your weekend, we've got some great ideas to inspire you.  

Get involved! Embrace the spirit of MLK Day and spend some time volunteering. It's a great time to take action and be of service to your community. The bonus is that you may learn something new. The time you spend working for a good cause will make you feel good about yourself. Single? Volunteering is a great way to make new friends and meet new people. 

Get into the mood! Create a romantic at-home three-day weekend around your favorite movie or television show. Rent some movies in your favorite genre and decorate the house. Then chill the champagne and treat yourselves to some strawberries dipped in chocolate.  Want to have even more fun?  Plan a little role playing. You and your partner can dress up in costumes from your favorite movie.

Go on a winter retreat! You can book a room at an upscale hotel and buy tickets for a concert or play. Dress up and do the town! Or pamper yourselves with three days at a resort spa. Enjoy a massage, and treat yourselves to a pedicure or facial. Or make reservations at a country inn with a lake or ocean view. Make sure you get a room with a fireplace. If it's warm enough, take a brisk walk on the beach.

Get naughty! The best part of a three-day weekend is that you can turn Sunday night into a "dirty date" night with your significant other. Head out for dinner and a movie dressed in nothing but a pair of knee-high leather boots and a little scrap of lingerie under your overcoat. The anticipation for will drive you both wild. On the way home you can stop off at your local "Lover's Lane" for a little make-out session.  

Explore new cultures!  Get inspired by MLK Day to find out more about people with different backgrounds. Find a local street fair, festival or museum.  Then go out of for an ethnic meal. There is nothing more exciting than both experiencing something unique for the first time together.  Select a restaurant together, or better yet, plan a surprise for your partner.  

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