Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Gets Sexy With Turkey And (Un)Dressing!

So Thanksgiving doesn't top your list as one of the sexiest of holidays?  Maybe you should think again. The message of Thanksgiving is all about gratitude and giving thanks, so why not let your partner know how much you love and appreciate them by having a little "gobble-gobble" time between the sheets. Sure, there are challenges to finding time to spend alone in between football games and your in-laws, but maybe this year you should make the effort. If you're single there's no better time than Thanksgiving to meet someone new. Accept that invitation to dinner at your co-worker's house. You just never know, she may have a very cute brother visiting from out of town.

Get into the holiday spirit! Now is the time to dust off your charm. Accept invitations from friends that you haven't seen in years. Get back in touch with people who might be visiting your area, or who live in the town you’ll be visiting for the weekend.  Your past just might hold the key to your sexy future, so get out there and enjoy the holiday festivities.  

Did you know that pumpkin pie is an aphrodisiac? Many of the foods that are traditionally found on the table at Thanksgiving contain properties that are known to naturally rev up your libido. Don't fight the feeling. If you've got the urge to be amorous, make an appointment with your significant other for a little late-night nookie. Sex burns calories, so if you know you're going get it later, you can say yes to the pumpkin pie at dinner. It's a win-win!  

Dress up and get it on!  You might be dreaming about sporting sweatpants all weekend while you're away from the office, but skipping personal hygiene for five days in a row is not going to help you get laid. Plan an outfit to wear when you're sitting at the table on Thanksgiving. Looking nice will boost your confidence and help you feel sexy. You never know who might sit down next to you.

Hello stranger! Traveling to see your family this holiday? If you're staying in a hotel with your significant other, it's the perfect time act out a sexy location fantasy. Pretend to meet as strangers at the hotel bar. Plan a make-out session in the back of a taxi or subway train. Get creative and get kinky. When are you going to have a chance like this again?

Do you think "Black Friday" deals are just for big screen TVs and ugly Christmas sweaters? Oh no! Start thinking sexy. You can bet your bottom dollar that you'll be able to find lots of great deals on naughty lingerie and sex toys.  It's a great time to update your toy box as lots of online stores will be offering discounts. Stock up now! Santa only comes once a year.

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