Friday, November 16, 2012

How To Have A Romantic Thanksgiving

Ok, so we get it. Thanksgiving doesn't seem like the sexiest holiday of the year at first glance. But if you can't see the romantic elements of this holiday, then you may be overlooking some great opportunities for intimacy. 

It's not just that the tradition foods we enjoy on Thanksgiving are full of aphrodisiacs, it's more than that. There are moments for romance throughout the five-day holiday weekend that you shouldn't overlook. So take some time this Thanksgiving to spend some time with your significant other and see if you don't find romance over this holiday.

1. Sleep in
If you don't have to get up at 4:30am to go out and buy some new electronic gadgets, then take the time to sleep in on "Black Friday." What a pleasure it will be to both be in bed and not have anywhere to go.

2. Go to the movies
Make a date to buy tickets for two to go to see the movies over the weekend. Academy Award season is upon us -- the highest quality movies are in the theatres now. Go find out what everyone's talking about. Discuss the movie afterward -- all that communication could lead to new-found intimacy.

3. Spend time in the kitchen together
Make sure that one person doesn't get stuck in the kitchen while the other person is watching television. Take turns -- divide the duties of cooking up the sides. Or try out a new recipe together. 

4. Let someone else be in the kitchen
Order a pizza or get a take-out meal from your favorite Chinese restaurant. Stay home and away from the crowds, but let someone else handle the stress of cooking at least one meal.

5. Make a date to go out for coffee or dessert
Restaurants can be crowded full of families over the holiday weekend. It's a great time to look for a table for two in a coffee shop or at your favorite pub. Try slipping into your favorite restaurant late at night just for a slice of cheesecake. Enjoy a quiet conversation in the middle of the hub-bub.

6. Tell your partner why you are thankful for them
You may say "I love you" often, but when do you get specific about the qualities in your mate that you are truly thankful they possess.  Now is a good time to tell them.

7. Give gifts
Why wait until Christmas? Surprise your mate with a little token of your affection.

8. Take photos
Make sure that you remember these most precious moments. Take lots of photos and share them with your love.

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